The Future Rests In Your Hands….Or Does It?

As far as your future is concerned, it is you who will be plunging into it and no one else right? And whatever lies ahead of you, it is for you to go through and for you to bear the consequences, whether good or bad.

But do not get too oblivious by the fact that your future is something that you are not the only one pondering about. There are two more people who would give as much thoughts about it as you do, or at times more than you do. They are none other than your parents.

As parents, naturally, they would set hopes and dreams for their children. They can be hoping that their children become doctors or lawyers, or basically be successful and reputable in the eyes of the society. They would even tend to go ‘into the details’ such as the college or university that their children should go to or the company or corporation that they should work for.

You, as the child, would either oblige to their expectations of you, or hinder them from intervening with your personal hopes and dreams. But frankly, either way would not be of great help for you and them.

So how can such an issue be tackled?

Actually, what it takes is an effectual two-way communication. Both parents and children should open their eyes and ears to each other’s opinions of the future prospects and aspirations.

As parents, it is fine to hope and dream that you children would someday be triumphant in his or her life. That would be something that every parent wants for the child. You are also entitled to express your views about your child’s decisions to pursue the field of interest, as well as its pros and cons.

However, that does not give you the reason to restrict them. As much as you can, do give them some space to make their own decisions and make them feel that they have grown up to be able to know what is best for their future. Children, as they grow, would want to be treated like adults, and that is a natural fact. And bear in mind that if you force them into doing something they dislike, they could get under extreme pressure and most likely perform badly in their work or studies.

Anyway, as long as they decide on pursuing something favorable in the eyes of the family and society as a whole, we believe you should give them your utmost support in their personal ambitions. So be constructive when you should be, but at the same time, be more open-minded and understand that they are human beings who have goals that they desire to achieve all their lives.

As for the children, just because you are the one stepping into your future life, that does not imply that you should shun away your parents’ opinions of your goals. Sometimes you have to be aware that they know you better than yourself, and they are the ones who would know exactly what is right and wrong for you. So do not let your ego develop a wall between you and them. Communication needs to present at all times.

Listen to their thoughts of your plans for your future. If you strongly believe in their words, you should hence be receptive of their opinions. Otherwise, what you can do is gather researches on the area of your interest and what you can gain from entering that field of work or study. Show them the evidences or bring them to the seminars that talk about everything associated with your future options in life. Get them to further understand why you really want to go for that goal of yours.

In this way, they would possess a strong belief that you are ready to stand on your two feet and make the best choices for yourself, rather than being someone who merely follows where the wind blows.

So that is two-way communication for you! And affirmatively, it works.

The future lies in us, but as human beings, we do need other human beings to back us up when we get a little lost along the way, particularly your parents who always know you best.

To anyone here who is currently seeking for a job or thinking of attaining a higher level of certification, hope you would heed this advice to grab hold of a bright and prosperous future ahead.


bokjae said...

Great article NAFASG and thanks! As for us across the strait, we are going to vote for our children's future and I have to say their future are in our hands! Or is it?

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA, what a great post! When and if I have kids, I shall do my best to be supportive in their dreams!

Btw, here's a meme for u, have fun and happy weekend! :)

JesseTheCat said... isp is acting up again,for some reason it took me ages to load your site !I am going to have to call them again,lol.
Loved reading this last post of always some excellent advice we all can use. I also came by just to say hello. Hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day and I Hope the rest of your weekend is great as well. hUgzzz :)


Hello Bokjae!!

Wow so for your case, u decide the fate of your kids! Well it is actually never wrong to do it, as long as in the end, your kids are happy with your decisions for them. And i am sure they are coz u are always sounding happy everytime u come and visit us! Hehe. Well done in raising your kids to become successful people! =)

Hello GP!!

We are waiting for that very day when u have your first born. When will that be? Dah tak sabar ni! Haha. Good to hear that u will try and be supportive of your kids' decisions for their future. But u always are entitled to give your opinions yeah? It's all for their own good eventually.

Oh a meme? Great! Will check it out. Thanks! =)


Hello Jesse!!

Thanks and glad u like our advice here. Hopefully it helps u as u continue raising Cassie up to become a beautiful intelligent woman someday.

Oh yes we understand that your isp is still going against u. Be patient ok? At least u were able to enter our site eventually. So good for u!

It's so sweet of u to drop by and say hello! So a big HELLO from us to u, and hope u had enjoyed your valentines too. Have a great week and take care! HUGZZZZZ!!!! =)

Rolando said...

Hey NAFA, the two way communication between parents and children is important, especially regarding our future and education.

It's just too bad my mom barely got a high school education. She knew little if anything about the American educational system.

She just knew from her heart that she wanted the best for me. I was ok with that :)


Hey Rolando!!

Nice to see u here!

Yes indeed, the two way communication has to be present when it comes to discussing our future with our parents. In fact, such communication should be there even when we want to share a problem with them. They should also be more opened to our thoughts and opinions despite the wide generation gap.

Your mum sure is very supportive of anything that u want to do with your life, and that is good. She may not be highly educated, but at least she still cares for u such that she wants to see that u are contented with what u have achieved thus far. =)

bokjae said...

On 8th March, our future rests on the stroke of the pen!


Hey Bokjae!

On 8th March? Oh yeah we got what u meant! All the best to all our buddies back there, including u. =)