The Essential Guide To Saving Money

The poor would work their fingers to the bones for it, but the riches would sometimes take it for granted. Nevertheless, no matter what the picture of your financial background is like, there is no turning back from the fact that saving is important.

What you do with your money today will directly affect your life tomorrow, and for many years to come. It will affect the way your emergencies and financial needs would be resolved. It will also create an impact on the lives of your loved ones, or anyone who is closely related to you for that matter.

Saving money is something that should be instilled in you from young. Children, too, need to be taught on the importance of saving money.

If you do not save your money, who will?

Hope that this article can help you, the readers, be more secured financially and emotionally throughout your entire life, one way or another. With that, here are some of the simple money saving tips that will protect you and your family from the possible financial mishaps and let you taste your ‘fruits of labor’:

1. Avoid being in debt and manage your investment plans well. It is not a good thing when you owe more money than you earn and save. Refrain from debts that involve high interest rates.

2. Set aside as much money as you can for emergency purposes by opening a savings account. In that way, you will be more prepared and equipped financially, especially when unforeseen circumstances arise.

3. Set aside some money as well for your golden years. Golden years should be the years of enjoyment and relaxation. Hence, whenever possible, opt for a pension scheme that allows you to gain income even after retirement.

4. When it comes to saving, one of the things that should cross your mind is budgeting, which is indeed essential. Imagine saving at least $100 a month, and by the time the year ends, you would have accumulated $1200. And your overall savings would just keep growing and growing over time if you consistently make it a habit to execute your budgeting plans.

5. Be updated on the current and upcoming inflation rates. Inflation normally changes annually, and in order to keep up with it, we should remind ourselves to save more year by year. This year we save $100 a month, next year we can save maybe $200 a month. It would be good to raise your monthly savings by the percentage rate of inflation. For instance, if the rate is 3%, you should save 3% more than the previous year.

6. Start saving as early as possible, and teach your children on the importance of savings. The earlier you start, the more benefits you and your loved ones will gain.

Saving money needs time and effort of the individual. But as the saying goes, “cry now and laugh later”. Saving your money today is definitely the best choice for you, and your loved ones would even thank you for protecting and loving them.


JesseTheCat said...

wowee..a really wonderful article,I love it ! I havent really had all that much extra income for a while now..but I feel I do have to start saving more for those days of trouble that inevitable always arise! I need to save now,before it gets too late. Too many people rely on building up debt..thank heavens I have never had debt...I prefer to pay cash for something,or I just do without it.I saw on Dr Phil a chap actually buying pizzas ever week on strange...although I adore Pizza,nothing would make me buy them on credit,lol :)
Its so true that we must try to instill the importance of saving money to our children,even from a young age.If we dont,they may well think that money is always available and when they grow up they wont have the first inkling of how to build up a nest egg.This post of yours inspires me to want to I am adding it to my list of Super-Posts which I posted on my blog...
You Angels Rock...have a wonderful weekend...and thanks for all the Love :))

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry I never got back to your comment on Sept. 1. I never received an email notification for some reason. I just received one from a recent comment otherwise I might have never known about it.

Just to update you, I haven't located Judy yet, but like I told the other person, I really haven't had time lately to try.

Also, thank you for the nice comment about my blog. I hope you're having a great weekend.

~Sandy G.


Hello Jesse!

Wow this is a Super-Post to u??? That's so flattering! Thank u so much. And glad that this article has inspired u to save as much money as u can for the future ahead of u. It's really important for your own good, and it is just as important for your child's own good too.

And what u said about children thinking that money will always be available and not getting their first inkling on how to build up a nest egg is very well said and inspiring indeed. All the more we should always remember to educate our children to save starting from now.

Thanks for your comments dear! We're absolutely elated to hear from u. Have a great week! =)


Hello Sandy!

Nice to hear from u again! Hope u are doing good with your life and all. Oh don't feel bad about responding to our comment for a long time. We don't make a big fuss out of it. But we really appreciate u coming here to update us on Judy, your friend.

Take your time in locating her ok? We believe she is somewhere out there and probably looking for u too. We'll continue hoping for that. In the meantime, keep up with the good work on your blog and have a great week ahead! =)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi nafasg, Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine blessing for you, May you be blessed.

Mariuca said...

I should really start saving more and spending less lolz... Hello NAFA, long time no see! :):):)


Hello MT!!!

Long time no see! Hope u are doing good. U enjoy your valentines day too! Thanks for your wishes. =)

Hello GP!!

Long time no see too!! Hehe, it is alright to spend once in a while, just as long as eventually we all know how to value money the way we should. =)

JaMiLLa said...


Sorry being so late din visit you guys. Din blog hop long time already. Its ok now I come to visit you guys.

Yeah its a great article to remind me TO SAVE my money!!! Thanks alot u guys...

Its true if we save $100 each month, we can hav $1200 in a year. Thats one way of the financial management. I shd apply this when I get my job soon. Keep it as a habit.

Nice saying, "Cry now and laugh later!!!" *thumbs up*

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So nice to hear from u again! We miss u a lot....hope u have been doing good with your life and your studies.

Great to hear that u want to save your money and spend wisely. It is really essential and u should start doing it when u are still very young like right now. Thumbs up for u too! Hehe.

Oh u got a contest??? Great! Will check it out. And a very very happy birthday to our dear friend Jamy!!! =)=)=)