NAFASG Team Recognized As Helium's Top 5% Best Writers


Today marks a day in our lives that we will never forget. This morning, the NAFASG team had received a surprise email from Helium.

Helium had notified us that they had recently launched the Star Members, which aims to give recognition to the best writers in their community, and to our surprise, our team had been included in their list of Star Members!

This also indicates that we belong to the top 5% out of thousands of Helium’s writers, and that our articles will be featured in the website itself. This has to be one of the greatest achievements that we have ever attained ever since we entered the blogosphere, and we are very honored to be in their prestigious list of Star Members.

What is Helium?
Helium is a place where a community of aspiring writers unleash their writing skills and talents and show their conversance in various topics ranging from business matters to health care and from relationships to even pet care, by means of their articles.

Everyone within this community will also stand a chance to rate the articles that are publicized in Helium, and this rating process determines which articles deserve the top spots in the list.

Articles would have been deemed to gain recognition when they earn stars obtained from both the ratings of the other community members and selection made by Helium just like this recognition we had earned.

Helium takes into serious account the first-class articles that should top the list, and now, they have implemented this form of recognition for the best writers in their community, which is the Star Members. See brief summary below.

Brief Summary Click For Larger Image

Our Words Of Thanks
Today, we are very elated to be joining the top 5% among other excellent writers who have been acknowledged for the posts and articles displayed in the website.

All of us at NAFASG would first of all like to thank Helium for giving this prestigious acknowledgement to our articles, and will continue to give our fullest support to your amazing services and community.

We would also like to thank everyone in the Helium community for constantly giving us positive ratings for the articles that we have been displaying, and for believing so much in our writing talents.


Last but not least, we would like to show our sincere appreciation to all our visitors and readers who have had so much faith in our blog contents and articles and for your loyalty and belief in us. We would not have come this far if not for all of you, and we truly appreciate all of your support.

And to all of you who have yet to join this dynamic community, we urge you to be part of it and show your invincible writing skills to the entire world. Maybe you could be Helium’s next top writer! If we can do it, you can do it too.

Personal Invitation
To those who have the passion and talent in writing, and the desire to have your articles being recognized, all you need to do is send a request to us via email or leaving a comment here together with your email address, and we will send you a personal email invitation from us to join Helium, but there are only 50 slots available, so grab the opportunity as soon as you can.

Getting Paid
This is a chance not to be missed because not only will you gain recognition from your articles, but also, you can get paid for presenting your articles. The earnings gained in a month will be brought forward to the following month, and you can call for payment when your earnings have reached $25 and above.

Cash Out
To be able to get the payment, you will need to request for it by the last day of every month, and Helium will credit the payment into your PayPal account latest by the end of the first week of the month. Do take note that a minimum of $25 is required for cash-out.

So what are you waiting for? Join the Helium community right now!

Personal Email Invitations

50 slots available


darlene said...

congrats to you, you deserve it for sure


Hi Darlene,

Thank you, for your support.

It is a honor for us to receive such recognition.

I hope you can continue giving us your fullest support to our team..Thank you.

Have a great week ahead. =)

Rolando said...

Awesome recognition, but I am not surprised because it is well deserved! You guys rock!!

Sani said...

Congrats !
I'll try to visit helium ...

JaMiLLa said...

Nafasg, I wanna join the great and fun game that you participated in Helium.

I wanna try to earn my first pay in my blog.

Anyway, thanks and CONGRA!

Love your blog and MUSIC!


Hi Rolando...

Thanks! U are one of our friends here who have so much faith in us, and that always keeps us motivated to get better and better every single time. Thanks a lot for your support. We would not get a recognition like this if not for people like u being our source of motivation. =)

Hi Sani...

Thank u so much! Yes u should make Helium your choice. Just show off your skills in writing because we know u have it. =)

Hi Jamilla...

Yes this a good way to monetize your blog. So u should take this into fullest consideration. Anyway, thanks for your word of congrats! We will give u the best every single day. =)

Bobby said...

Go Nafa!!!!! Your posts get better everyday, constantly evolving and improving! I am proud to be associated with future superstars of the blogosphere:):):):):)


Hi Bobby,

Thank you for your kind compliments. We are too very proud to be associated with you who has insightful articles to share with everyone. Keep up the good work there, pal!

J@n!ce said...

Nafa, so proud of you guys. Make it BIG, you are my superstar. Congrates :)

Please come over to see my latest post. Got you something... :)

Janice Ng


Hello Jan!

Wow such motivating words from u. Thank u soooo much! Would not have made it big if not for all our wonderful friends like u. =)

We have checked out your post and left a comment. U are so sweet! Thank u so much for the award. So happy to be friends with u. =)

WaterLearner said...

Hi Nafa!

Congrats! You guys are really making it big this time. I am happy for you!

You guys deserve this!

Don Simkovich said...

Congrats on the top 5% recognition. You folks really work hard on your blog!


Hi Karen...

Thank u so much for your faith in us. We will continue to deliver even better in our blog for everyone. =)

Hi Don...

Thanks a lot! Glad that our hard work is paid off. But we also wouldn't be where we are today if not for our wonderful friends like u. =)

Mariuca said...

NAFA!! I can't believe I missed this post!! :(

Here's a huge round of applause for the awesome NAFA network! Am so happy that you got the recognition u rightfully deserve, one of my fav blogs and writers.

Two thumbs up for NAFA and of course another GP magical sprinkle for bigger success and fame! :):):)

Genie Princess


Wow! Genie Princess is here to pour magical sprinkles to us. Yay! If we achieve bigger success and fame, we will have u to thank for. =)

Anyway thanks so much for believing in us. Without our wonderful friends like u, we could not have produced articles that can bring us to top 5% spot among the Helium writers. U are all our source of motivation and inspiration!

Thank u again Genie Princess. U ROCK! =)

Mariuca said...

No, thank YOU Nafa! You guys are just an awesome bunch u know that?!

Anyway I tried commenting on ur Making Money Online post but couldn open the comment pg. You guys are really making lotsa $$ yeah.. YAY for NAFA! Don't forget GP when ur all rich and famous! :):):)

Genie Princess


Hehe! U are such a sweet person Marzie. Love ya a lot!

Oh u tried commenting on the moneymaking section? The comment page there is deactivated. Sorry for the inconvenience yeah?

Hehe! Yeah we've been enjoying ourselves making money, and u can enjoy all that too. Feel free to select whichever money making tools that u would like to try from our list of opportunities there ok? And don't worry! We will never forget u. In fact, we probably wouldn't be rich if not for the sprinkles that u have been pouring on us. Hehehe! =)