A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Observe the title of this post, and you will realize the sentimental value of it. Basically, it helps you understand the exact definition of a true friend.

A friend in need is a true friend.

He or she is one who would smile with you when you are smiling, laugh with you when you are laughing, cry with you when you are crying, and even get all worked up when you feel that way.

When someone tries to provoke you or stab you from the back, rest assured, a true friend would stand up for you and sometimes make sacrifices just to see to you that you are safe and sound.

He or she would immerse himself or herself into your darkest hours. Most people would just utter words like, ‘Just calm down,’ or ‘Life has to go on.’ But what makes a true friend exceptional among all friends is that he or she would do more than just to utter those words. At times, he or she could not even have a shut-eye thinking of nothing but to help you get through and get out of your problems.

Most of all, he or she is one who would lead you to the right paths in life. If you think true friends are those who would splurge all their money on you so that you can enjoy yourself, well think again. Would you prefer to be friends with someone who can give you the world like giving a toy, but at the same time, influences you into unfavorable acts like drug addiction, shop lifting, or gang fights? Or would you rather be with someone who may not possibly be able to afford anything except his or her time, attention and sincerity to guide you for life?

In this world, we can make hundreds of friends, but when it comes to true friends, we could probably count with our ten fingers. But ten or less of these true friends are actually better than no true friends at all.

So everyone, if you have found a true friend in someone out there, always remember to be grateful and appreciative towards him or her, because you may never find another true friend like him or her ever again. And to all of you who have been staying true to us, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Even your simple ‘hello’ in our shout box means a lot to us all.

We are blessed to have friends in the blogging world who have been faithful to our blog and us too. A very good example is Sani, who has kindly tagged us with a Friendship meme.

Let’s see how huge this circle of friends can be. All you have to do is add your link on this Friendship Meme! Let’s get it on!

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For this meme, we would love to tag: Marzie, Rolando and Jesse.


Sani said...

Hi Nafa .. thanks for post. Have a nice day .. :)

JesseTheCat said...

Oh..how sweet this post about friendship is.I agree that we should be grateful for the true friends we have.That also includes those in the blogging world.I am sorry I havent left more shouts in your shoutbox,often this isp just doesnt finish loading the shoutbox on any blog.Stupid isp :)
But desite it,I still continue blogging and visiting when I can,lol,because of the support and friendship of Angels like you guys! This tag looks interesting...so I just copy the whole link section over to my blog,with my name at the bottom? Looks easy enough,lol..I shall do it and let you know.Have a wonderful week,Dear friends :)

Mariuca said...

Hola peeps! Thanks for tagging me with this cool new meme, I've not been tagged with this one yet. I will def do this one but gimme some time k? Thanks for thinking of GP! :):):)


Hello Sani!

Don't mention! This tag is simple and u have always put up the tags that we gave u, so all the more we should put this one up from u right? Thanks for thinking of us! =)

Hello Jesse!

Yes u are here to check out our meme. Take your time ok, but this one is really simple. Just include your link into the list, and u are actually letting the list grow.

Don't worry, we are not fussy about your isp problem. Take your time to get it fixed ok? Have a great week darling. And u are one true friend that we will never forget for the rest of our lives. =)


Hello GP!!

Oh we always think of u GP, and that is not something new right? Hehe. But this is probably the first time we ever tag u on a meme, and it's a very simple one. Take your time dearie! =)

Rolando said...

Thanks for the tag guys! True friendships are to be cherished. They will be with you through thick and then.

Glad you guys are always here for us. Thank you!


Hello Rolando!!

No probs! U are one of our true friends who have always been so supportive of us and our blog, and u were definitely in our thoughts when we wanted to figure out who to tag this time.

And glad that u are always here for us too! We truly appreciate the friendship that we have built together. =)

Mariuca said...

NAFA!! I have a peace tag for u, I think u guys might like it. Also want to wish u a happy weekend. Don't work too hard now guys! :)



Hello GP!!

Wow another tag! Thanks a lot. Hmm, we might like it? Sounds like a huge surprise from u here! Hehe.

Happy weekend to u too. And u don't work too hard too ok? =)

bokjae said...

Yeah! well said! Reminded me of the song "What a Friend we have in Jesus"


Thanks a lot Bokjae! And this article also reminds us of a song. It's called 'That's What Friends Are For'. =)

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA, he he he.. just only finished this tag! Come see later and happy weekend! :)


NafaSg said...

Hello GP!!

Sorry we replied a little late. Yay u got it done! Will check it out real soon. =)