NAFASG Team Featured At Ezine Articles & Recognized As Expert Authors

First we were recognized by Helium as TOP 5% Best Writers, find out more here and then came Ezine Articles knocking on our door with another big surprise for all of us. This means double the joy for us! But before we go into that, let us tell you all about Ezine Articles. Established in November 1999, Ezine Articles has been constantly looking for exceptionally inspiring and attention-grabbing articles written by aspiring writers out there to be displayed in its monthly newsletters.

But most of all, it is here to make writing talents hidden in the shell turn visible to the whole wide world, and bring all the gifted writers from every part of the world together.

At Ezine Articles, you can come across all the tremendous write-ups ranging from the educational and informative ones, to the entertaining ones as well. Greatest emphasis is placed on the authenticity of the written articles, whereby only the original writers of the articles can be granted exclusive rights to the content.

Ezine Articles is without a doubt the recommended pathway for your site to gain traffic because your articles will be shared among other writing professionals and publishers and publicized on, thus allowing for more traffic to come into your site.

It also places highest priority towards its users by giving users the chance to provide feedback and express opinions on anything associated with it.

Recently, the NAFASG team was notified by Ezine Articles that our articles have been certified ‘Featured At Ezine Articles’.

That was not all! We had also received another good news that our team of writers had been awarded the ‘Expert Author’ award.

Yes, our articles had helped us gain more recognition than we could possibly imagine. At this point in time, we cannot help but feel absolutely over the moon. You can also view our live articles at EzineArticles here
See The Email That Was Sent To Us From Ezinearticles
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We would like to take this opportunity to thank Ezine Articles for featuring our articles and giving us such an honorable recognition by rewarding us with the ever-prestigious ‘Expert Author’ award.

It is a great pleasure having our written work displayed in your website, and we will give you our fullest support and provide even better articles in future.

We would also like to express our sincere appreciation towards all of our friends and readers who have taken the time to read and enjoy the articles that we have in store for all of you. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To all of you out there who aspire to be writing wizards and get your written work recognized, come and be part of this wonderful experience at Ezine Articles.

Visit the website and start signing up with Ezine Articles to get your articles featured. Before you know it, your articles may just gain you an ‘Expert Author’ award just like what we got!

At NAFASG, we believe that if we can do it, you can do it too!

So hurry. Get your fingers to type your write-ups, and submit them for display, right here at Ezine Articles!


Rolando said...

Congrats on the well deserved recognition NAFA! You all deserve it!

You guys are amazing, professional, and heart felt writers! and even better friends.

Bobby said...

Congratulations Nafa! You certainly are expert writers!!!!!! You also happen to be super nice and I am your humble fan!


Thanks a lot Rolando!

We are always motivated to write the best articles because we have amazing people like u who have been showering us with all your love and support. U and all of our friends are the reason we have the drive to do our best.

Rolando u have been a terrific buddy to us. Never fail to have a positive mind abt our blog! We thank u so much for being a great friend. We dedicate this success we have achieved to u and all our lovely friends in the blogosphere. =)


Hello Bobby...

Thank u so much for having faith in our articles and passion for writing. And thanks for being our big fan. We are certainly one of your biggest fans! =)

Apple said...

Congrats! NAFASG team, you guys simply deserve those awards ^^


Hi Apple,

Thank you so much for your support. Hey, i am one of your loyal readers, you know.. So keep up the good work

Mariuca said...

Congrats to the great NAFA network! Over and over again, you've proven your writing excellence and I'm truly proud to be in the presence of such wonderful writers and friends! Keep up the terrific work NAFA! :):):)

Genie Princess


Dear Marzie,

You have been a loyal, and a true friend eversince we step into the blogging world and we too are very proud to have good friends like you.

Thank you so much for your support. We share our pride and joy with you, marzie.

Have a great week ahead. =)

WaterLearner said...

Hi Nafa!

Congrats!! I am not at all surprised that you are featured! Good Work! I am looking forward to more good posts under your creative pens (eerr.. or keyboards?)

Nice Weekend!

Anonymous said...

Congrats NAFASG! :)


Thank you Thira. You do have interesting articles too.

Perhaps you would consider submitting them to Ezine too? Good luck. =)


Hi Karen,

Thank you for dropping by and giving us your kind compliments. We appreciate it.

Have a great weekend too =)


Thank you Thira. You do have interesting articles too.

Perhaps you would consider submitting them to Ezine too? Good luck. =)

Anonymous said...

Hello Nafa thank you for the encouraging words:)i'll check Ezine, wow i'm really happy you think my articles are interesting hehe, thanks again:)


Hi thira,

I ve read your articles and honestly think that you should submit your articles at Ezine.

Do keep us updated ya..about it..All the best =)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Nafa,will give it some thought hehe, thanks! I got an award for you in my blog too, have a great day! :)


Hi Thira...

Wow an award? Thanks so much. Ok will come over! =)