Gratefulness Goes A Long Way

What would you feel if we were to utter this to you?

If you are agitated over the fact that you still have yet to find a job that fits the bill, you are lucky…

If an argument breaks between you and your loved ones, you are lucky…

If you are struck by flu or fever, you are lucky…

Sounds uncanny, isn’t it? But get your brain cells moving and ponder on what we have mentioned above.

When sourcing for a job, it is true enough that it could be a hassle and could get you extremely exasperated if the process keeps prolonging. Nevertheless, give your mind some space and you will realize that you are somehow more fortunate than you think.

At the very least, you do have two hands and two legs to help you along in finding a job, unlike people who are immobile due to an illness or disease, and could less likely be able to go out there and find themselves a job.

It may take some time for you to grab hold of that dream job, but remember that at least you have already been granted the ability to look for one. So there is not a need for you to grumble. Stay patient and continue striving to get that job you have always wanted. Be grateful about it.

What about relationship or marriage catastrophes?

Yes, arguments between loved ones or life partners could tear you apart, especially when one does not wish to give in at all.

But then again, why not look on the bright side of it?

And the beauty of it is that the people you love are present right in front of your very eyes, and they probably strike an argument with you because they love you and they want what is best for you. You are way luckier than some people out there who barely have any loved one to pour out their heart contents to or even argue with.

Even if that relationship or marriage eventually crumbles due to that argument, at least you have already tasted the moments of being loved, rather than to have not tasted those moments at all. So be grateful.

Through times of sickness, all you would want to do is lay down on your bed and sulk over it. If you were not given any choice, you would have to end up going to school or work even when your bad health is getting in the way. That is when you would be sulking over it even more.

But think about those who are suffering from major diseases like cancer or are physically handicapped. They could have chosen to give up on their studies and career and remind themselves of how useless they are. Instead, they choose to pursue their dreams like many others, and never let their health setbacks hinder them from leading successful lives. Most of all, they choose to take these setbacks positively.

So you should forevermore stay positive and geared up, even when you have a mild flu or fever. Of course it is important to rest, but do no let all that dampen your spirit to go on with your daily lives. Be grateful that you still have the ability to do many things as per normal.

The feeling of gratefulness is the key to a life that you will always enjoy living, whether during good times or bad. As a matter of fact, gratefulness makes one more humble and thoughtful towards everything and everyone that surrounds him or her.

We here are grateful for many things in our lives, but we can only share with you eight things we are most grateful of, according to the tag that our beautiful friend, Jean, has given us here.

So here goes!

1. Family: They are the ones who would love you till the very end, and would stand by you during your happy times, sorrowful times or even your chaotic times.

2. True friends: They are the people whom you can call your brothers and sisters. They will laugh with you when you are laughing, and will cry with you when you are crying.

3. Blogging friends: Without them, our blog would be nothing but just another site filled with articles, but not filled with liveliness. Thank you all for your support towards us!

4. Blog: We are thankful to be able to set up this blog. It is through this blog that we could share our knowledge of life to all of you, and make more great friends and buddies.

5. Careers: We are contented with where we are today. Yes, we do hope to achieve greater heights, but that does not imply that we are dissatisfied with what we have achieved today. After all, it is what we possess today that could bring us to a higher level in future.

6. Food and shelter: These are the utmost important necessities for us all, and we are grateful to have sufficient food and shelter. Thanks to our beloved parents who have toiled to provide for us.

7. Health: As the saying goes, health is wealth. We are contented to know that we are all in good health and will forever strive to take good care of it.

8. Writing skills: We are indeed grateful to be blessed with this ability. Without it, we would not have been able to write articles that could help all of our readers and friends here build a better life.

Remember, our fellow readers, gratefulness goes a long way.

Now let’s hear from the following people about the eight things they are grateful for:

Marzie, Apple, Jesse, Lee Chien, Sani.

-Nafa Danfad


Jean Chia said...

hi NAFA peeps! great post! it was nicely said. Indeed you peeps are no doubt blessed with writing skill! Keep it up! Love ya all!! *HUGZ*

Mariuca said...

Hi guys, thanks for tagging me with this one! I just finished the last one u tagged me with, so gimme some time for this one k? :):):)

WaterLearner said...

Hallos Nafa Team,

One great post on Gratefulness. Indeed, holding gratefulness in one's heart serves as a very good anchor to hold one's life in more peaceful waters and happier times.

I like the new look. Refreshing!

NafaSg said...

Hello Jean!!

Yay u got to see it! It was great doing this tag from u.

Hehe! We're actually not trying to boast our writing skills lah. But we're happy that we have the ability to share our knowledge with all our buddies here, like u! =)

Love ya too Jean! HUGZZZZZZ!!!! =)=)=)

NafaSg said...

Hey GP!! Wazzup???

Take your time our friend. We saw your other post already. Great job!

And happy weekend to u! =)

NafaSg said...

Hello Karen!

Long time no see. How are u??

Glad u like our new look! =)

And glad u like our article here. Gratefulness sure makes a person more appreciative of the simple pleasures of life and become better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. =)

Thanks a lot for coming! =)

Nita said...

Wow, you have such a good article here. Keep them coming!

Can we exchange link?

NafaSg said...

Hi Nita!

Nice to hear such compliments from u. Thanks a lot! U made our day! =)

Yeah sure we can exchange links. Just let us know when u have linked to us and we will link back to u ok?

Have a pleasant day! =)

JesseTheCat said...

hi Guys,its been such a long time...wont happen again,I promise.I love the new look of your blog,its totallya wesome and bette,by far,than ever!
Thanks for tagging me...will do it asap,just give me a few days,and in the meanwhile,here are a million hugs for the best blogging buddies ever :)

NafaSg said...


WE MISS U!! So great to see u again.

U love our new look? Thanks a million! Your new look was awesome too. We checked it out just a few days ago. Haha!

Don't mention it buddy. Every time we do up a tag, we would always have u in mind. Take your time ok? And million huggies back from all of our darling friend!!! =)=)=)