The Pillars To Successful Teamwork

Some things can be done individually, but for some, you would need a person or two to back you up. You cannot always have a mindset that you can get things done with your own two hands. Certain things are best done as a team.

This is where teamwork comes into the picture.

Some individuals do face difficulties when working with their teammates. Some of the possible bottlenecks that would lead to negative team dynamics are:

1. The inability to be receptive of one another’s diverse opinions and thoughts

2. The negative working attitude that a few of the teammates could have portrayed during the course of work.

3. One’s perception that better quality of work can be produced when being carried out individually, as teammates may still be unclear of the project expectations to be met.

If we take some time to reminisce on this, we would realize that it is actually a privilege if you were given a task and got to work on it with a few other people.

That is because with the involvement of your teammates in the task, new ideas can be generated and that would, in actual fact, boost the quality of the work produced. Most of all, it would lighten your load as the task can be delegated amongst the team.

Envisage what it is like having to handle all the aspects of the project all by yourself. You would be dealing with sleepless nights, and your level of stress could very well heighten to a level above optimum.

We cannot deny the fact that teamwork can at times be a huge hurdle to cross, but with the individual efforts combined, effective teamwork can still be possible and high quality work can definitely be produced.

Let us explore some of the most helpful ways to enhance team productivity:

1. Set clearly defined and realistic expectations that the team can agree upon.

2. When delegating tasks, do not practice personal bias. In other words, work should be divided equally.

3. Learn to be receptive of one another’s ideas and opinions, and take them as something that all of you can learn and benefit from during the course of work.

4. If an idea generated by one of your teammates does not seem to be suitable, clarify it in a more calmly manner. It is best that you still consider his or her idea and then make the appropriate adjustments to it. NEVER look down on your peers’ capabilities as team players.

5. Constantly motivate one another to carry out the tasks effectively. An excellent team is made up of members who would always support and encourage one another even when times are rough.

If you can put these tips into actions, your teammates could most probably be the people whom you would look forward to working with everyday, and your work can be executed with a positive mind…. or should we say…. positive minds!

-Nafa Danfad


Rolando said...

Great tips NAFA! You'd think that teamwork is common sense, but it isn't. It takes strategy, methodology, and a lot of patience to build successful teams.

You need the right people working together in harmony. It not easy to find the right mix of people.

NafaSg said...

Hey Rolando!!

Great to see u again!

Thanks a lot for your comments. U are spot on! It sure needs strategy, methodology and tonnes of patience. And of course, the right people!

Thank goodness that all of us in the team do have the ability to work together, and come to an agreement easily when working on our blog. Yeah, we don't deny that we have differences in opinions at times, but we will make it a point to agree on something eventually. =)

Mariuca said...

Good morning NAFA! I hope Benji behaved himself during the sleepover. :)

Anyway, I have a tag for u at my blog, drop by later yeah? Happy Sunday! :)

NafaSg said...

Hello GP!

Yeah Benji has been a good kitty! And he enjoyed playing with his fellow doggie pals.

Oh a tag? Cool! Will come over real soon!!! =)