Domain Registration

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Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa! I wish for and think about this all the time, but still don have the guts to make that switch! ;)

Mariuca said...

Oh and I have some awards for u! Happy weekend :)

JesseTheCat said...

My dear crew...missed you all a lot! Just came by to say hope things are going great over here? I apologise for not coming by more often...I was so busy at home,and Cassie was on holiday..but now that she is back at school,i SHALL HAVE MORE TIME IN THE DAY FOR VISITING!How are you ? :)What's Your Opinion?
Great article..I missed so many great things here..but am catching up while we speak :)


Hello GP!!

Yeah we knew about it quite some time ago. But it's alright to take your time. Sometimes deciding whether to have your own domain or not can be tough decision to make. Hehe!

Oh awards??? That's so sweet of u! Alright will go check it out! =)=)=)


Hello Jesse!!

Finally u are here! We miss u a lot too!!!

But we understand your situation. We know that u have been busy with your current job and Cassie. Hope she is doing great in school. And hope that u are doing great with your job and blogging. Don't tire yourself too much ok? Rest is important!

Take your time in catching up with our articles here. Glad u like this one from us. U take care and thanks for coming! =)

WaterLearner said...

I have been thinking of this for sometime too! But then, I am still quite a lousy blogger. Probably would be on hold for some time.

What about you guys?


Hi Karen!

Yeah it's ok to take your time on this one. We also had been giving it some thoughts but we felt that we're still new in the blogosphere. So just like u, we shall put it on hold first. =)

JesseTheCat said...

Just came by to read some more..and to say hi! For some reason the isp took ages to load your site up,must be the wind this side,lol! The weather here is pretty hot sstill,just the wind that I really cant stand.Your site is looking great as usual...hope your day is good over there, my friends :)


Hello Jesse!

Thanks for coming! Oh our site took long to load? So sorry about that. But at least u eventually were able to enter our site right? So that's a relief for us! Haha. Well guess we still have to do some checking on our side too. =)

Back here we have been facing hot weather too. We do get a little sweaty these days when we go out. Well hope your week has been great and we're super delighted to hear from u! =)=)=)