To Love Or To Hate…Ask Yourself!

Have you ever been caught in a situation whereby you know someone and you cannot seem to see eye to eye with him or her…but at the same time, buried beneath you is something that makes you want to stay connected to him or her?

In other words, have love and hate ever collided in you the moment you knew somebody?

This normally happens to teenagers whose hormones are always raging and giving them complications in their hearts, and could even happen to anyone who probably has never tasted the bittersweet moments of love before.

They are not dim-witted when it comes to love, but they are just a little irresolute of whether they have found the person to show that love in them or have made a grave mistake in doing so.

On one hand, they could be wishing that that person has never ever existed in their lives, but on the other hand, they could also be wishing that he or she would be here to stay for the rest of their lives.

Questions would keep running in their minds to no end. But of course, the entire confusion has to end somehow….

And how should you make an end to it?

It may sound ridiculous, but you should just bring yourself to get to know this person.

It may be easier said than done, but if you reflect on it, at that time when arguments spark between the two of you, you are also getting to know each other in the process. Both of you basically have taken your first step in knowing your dislikes.

So do not argue and just walk away from each other. Give yourselves some space from the argument first, and then smile it away and bring yourselves to talk to each other. You can start off by having a hearty meal together because…

As the saying goes, a hungry man is an angry man, and perhaps what you need is a good lunch or dinner date to fill your stomachs and cool yourselves down a little, thus allowing you to be more calmed in your conversations.

That is when the right time comes for a get-to-know session!

There have been true incidents of two people who would debate over the most trivial matters back then, and are now having the time of their lives together. How you see it all lies within you.

Of course, if you really have negative vibes about that person, then do not oblige to lead the relationship on, but if you feel good about him or her amidst all those fights, then it should be worth all that effort of yours to learn more about him or her.
Yet another thought provoking article for the day.

And now, here comes another meme for the day too!

Tagged by the lovely Marzie, this Love Hate meme showcases the things that we love and hate. And bear this in mind! When we love something, we will love it to death, but when we hate something, we hate it to death as well. Alright, here goes…

1. We love to eat: Spicy stuff and chocolatey stuff.
2. We hate to eat: Things that are too cheesy.
3. We love to go: Places where we can enjoy beautiful views and feel the serenity of nature.
4. We hate to go: Extremely crowded areas.
5. We love it when: We can find the time to get together as a team. We are all like brothers and sisters. Aww…
6. We hate it when: People bring us down and even compare us to others who are more superior. We just want to love ourselves for what we can do and not get intimidated for what we cannot do.
7. We love to see: Little children waving at us even though they do not know us. Can you picture those cute hands waving at you? So irresistible!
8. We hate to see: Children being abused.
9. We love to hear: Smooth jazz or soft rock. We love Kenny G the best!
10. We hate to hear: Screams and shoutings.

There you have it, the things that the NAFA team love and hate. And now, we would love to learn about the things that the following people love and hate:

Lee Chien




Mariuca said...

Woo hoo! First commenter hopefully! :)

Great answers NAFA especially number 1 and 7! Your number 6 is interesting too... stop comparing and see us for what we are, not what they think we should be! :):):)

Apple said...

Very nice article. But sometimes, you hate someone so much that you can never even forgive him/her. I am in such situation for almost 8 years.

Thanks for the tag, I've done it.

WaterLearner said...

Nafa Team!!

You guys are great! To have a great post to accompany a meme with the same theme! Ingenious!

Rolando said...

Haha NAFA, did you poll the entire NAFA team before posting your answers, lol

Just hope you don't eat spicy stuff and chocolatey stuff together in one dish. That wouldn't be too good. :) j/k.


Yay congrats GP! U are rightfully our first commenter, coz u were the one who tagged us on this. Yeah!!

Haha! U like our answers for 1 and 7? That's cool! Oh who can resist the spicy delights, and those chocolatey ones that can just melt your heart? As for 7, oh yes those kind of kids can just make our days even when we're overly stressed up!

As for 6, yes that statement means a lot to us. Some of us have been there done that and we seriously hate it. We just wanna be ourselves and be contented with the way we are. So it irks us up everytime someone comes up to us and say we are not good the way we are, and that we cannot go a long way with what we have.

Haha! Letting all that out sure makes us feel a lot better. ;p


Hello Apple!

Great! Will check out your meme soon. Thanks a lot for putting it up.

Eight years is quite long. This person must have created a huge negative impact on your life. But as mentioned in this article, if u really have negative vibes about the person, u do not have to obligate yourself to be involved with him or her.


Hello Karen!

Thanks a lot! We definitely enjoyed doing this meme together with the article. Glad u like it! =)


Hello Rolando!

Haha! Good question. Well we have known one another as a team for quite a while, so we already have an idea of our likes and dislikes. Yeah!

LOL! Imagine eating spicy and chocolatey things all at the same time. It would probably be heaven! But u are right. We'll get tummy aches for that! So no worries, we shall indulge ourselves in both kinds of food separately. Hehehe! =)

Mariuca said...

Good for u guys, it's good to vent once in a while! :):):)

Btw, I tagged u with a must-not-miss meme, come see later k! Happy weekend guys!


Yeah, GP! It feels great to vent it all out, and great to know that u don't mind us doing it. Hehe!

Hooray! Another tag. Must not miss? Sounds interesting! Must go check it out! =)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I agree with all, but lost you on the TOO CHEESEY part... how is that possible??? Was that a health-wise answer? LOL!

I will have to order pizza with Rolando


Hello Speedy!!

Hmm, well we didn't intend it to be a health-wise answer. But come to think of it, it does sound that way doesn't it? Hehe!

But seriously, it's just our taste buds. Not saying we despise cheese, but we just cannot take too much of it.

But u talking about pizza sure makes us wanna have some cheese for now. Hahaha! ;p

4ALL2ALL said...

Greeting from Vietnam. Nice article!


Hello from Singapore!

Thanks. Glad u like our article! =)

JesseTheCat said...

Reading this,I see we have so many things in common.I also love spicy foods,peaceful places..and hate child abuse with a passion! You guys are so sweet and wonderful..thanks for sharing! :)


Hello Jesse!!

Yeah we do have so many things in common. Even our hometowns have some things in common too, especially the weather right now. Hehe!

Spicy food is simply irresistible, and peaceful places can really ease the mind after a hard day at work or in school.

And yes, who would want children to be abused? Words can never describe anyone who supports it!

Shinade said...

Hi guys,
No need whatsoever to respond. I am just spreading some link love. And, I wanted you all to know that you're included.

My way of saying thanks for all that you do!!



Hello Jackie! sweet. How can we not respond to this one from u? =)

U are always wonderful to us. Thanks for spreading your link love to us. We're so honored and flattered! HUGZZZZ!!! =)

Sani said...

Hi Nafa, just finished the tag. Thanks for sharing ..


Hi Sani!

Great! Will check out the tag u put up. Thanks for updating us! =)

bliss weddings said...

hi, just doing my rounds. you really have nice articles to read here :)


Hi Bliss!!

Long time no see...hope u are doing great with your life and all.

Thanks a lot for your compliments. We really appreciate it! Will continue to provide more articles soon and hope that u will continue to like them yeah? Thanks for coming. =)