Tips To PMS Survival For Men And Women

It is that time of the month again and it is the time when things can just get all over the place. With the psychological self that is! This is part and parcel of every woman’s life that cannot be swept away, and if something is not being done about it, it can turn a beautiful lovely woman into a horrid monstrous beast. And then the poor man has to put up with that monstrous side of her.

In actual fact, women do not mean to portray that side of them towards their men, but it is during that time of the month that their hormones start to rage and make them be the character they apparently do not wish to be.

This is what is called PMS, also known as premenstrual syndrome. According to doctors, PMS would last for 7 to 10 days before the menstruation occurs, and would take place for a minimum of three months consecutively.

The men would need to be fully educated on this in order to cater to the women’s needs in such times, which could stop them from turning into a beast. This should also not be a one sided affair. The women, on the other hand, would need to make the effort to handle PMS well so that their men would not resort of running away.

Hence, we would like to share some interesting tips that can help both parties survive this monthly ordeal in peace.

Get yourself a calendar and a diary that lists down the symptoms of PMS that you would encounter. The calendar would allow you to estimate how long it will take before your next menstruation takes place, month after month. In the diary, you can categorize your symptoms into two aspects: physical and emotional. You can list them down in the following manner:

Physical: Pain on the breast and stomach, headaches, restlessness, feeling easily hungry or thirsty, growth of acne pimples, yearning for a certain type of food, getting easily exhausted.

Emotional: Mood swings, tendency to cry and overreact, depression, disability to focus, feeling unwanted and outcast, tendency to forget.

Consult your doctor if you need to. The doctor would be able to give your professional assistance in this matter and do a follow up with you.

Manage your PMS as much as you can. It is all about the strong will in you to not let PMS get the better of you. Here are some ways for you to forget that you are having PMS:

- Get yourself active instead of cooping yourself up in the room pondering on what you are going through. Do some aerobics, mild exercises and even enjoy your favourite hobbies like cooking or reading.

- Have a balanced diet. Eat in smaller quantities but regularly. Do consume some vitamin supplements to give you more energy and prevent you from getting anemic.

- Drink lots of water so that your systems can be cleansed during this period of time.

- Refrain from consuming caffeine and from smoking. Doing so will aggravate your stress and will affect your body hormones from there.

- Stay calm and relaxed. This is the most important thing to do to keep your PMS away from you. There are so many things that can help you relax like having a hot bath or going for a good massage.

Give the woman your support. PMS is for real and when she sometimes orders you around or interrogates you, she does not even realize it. So do not feel that she is taking control of you. You can even talk this out with her, but never talk about it when she is in the midst of PMS.

Be considerate and do not add on to her stress. She may totally lose grip of herself if you worsen her situation. In fact, you should find ways to make her feel more relaxed. Bring her for a walk or make her have a good laugh.

Never lure her on purpose. Do not arouse her temptations by giving her chocolates or demanding her to do something she does not want to. Offering her a salad would be a better idea, as it is healthy.

Watch this video on how woman can get carried away by PMS.

Watch this informative video by Dr. Mark Hyman, where he reveals what really lies beneath complications such as PMS and PMDD, and provides you a detailed treatment programme to help you heal quickly from these conditions.

When it comes to PMS, it takes two hands to clap. The women should learn to control their PMS, and the men should learn to be understanding towards this part of a woman’s life that cannot be avoided.

You can take control of this situation and make things better for you. It all lies in your hands.


Rolando said...

A calendar would be great so I can time my purchases, lol

Thanks for the tips NAFA :)


Hey Rolando...

LOL! Yeah that's the whole idea of having a calendar. Thanks for reading the article! =)

Jean Chia said...

NAFA, this is one your greatest post! I think it is good that men read about PMS and thanks for sharing this with us especially the guys. Now, they should know to be considerate during our RMS period. LOL!

Jean Chia

Jean Chia said...

LOL! Nafa, i just watched the video. I was so shocked that she bang his head against the counter. My!! lucky for my draling that i wasn't that aggresive during my PMS! LOL!

Jean Chia


Hi Jean!!

Haha. Ya the video was hilarious but sadly it is happening among some women who just cannot handle their emotions during PMS. Well lucky for u and your darling that u are not that bad.

See, even u can control yourself when it comes, so other women should be able to do the same. It is just a matter of putting in some effort there. =)

But at the same time, like u said, guys should be made aware of it too. They too need to know how to attend to women with PMS. Hehe! Glad u find this article useful. Thanks for reading! =)

Mariuca said...

"In actual fact, women do not mean to portray that side of them towards their men, but it is during that time of the month that their hormones start to rage and make them be the character they apparently do not wish to be."

He he he, it's true...we don't mean to be nasty! Must show B this article, specially this part! ;)


Hey GP!

Yes we finally got your comment love. Hehe! Oh yes u gotta show B this one. All those who have husbands must show this to them. This is one article that both men and women must take not of. =)