Let Your Documents Be Visible Online For Free With Google Docs

Put yourself in this situation. You are a supervisor of a department in your workplace, who has subordinates under you. As a supervisor, you would always want to ensure that your subordinates are well informed of anything that goes on in your workplace on daily or weekly basis. But what if you were struck by a calamity such as illness or emergency that hinders you from being present at work and communicating that important information to your subordinates? Well, you actually need not worry about it. Because you can still let your subordinates be kept informed even from home and with no price to pay, and it is all thanks to the amazing Google Docs.

With Google Docs, you can create your file and then share it via online. Everyone would be able to view what you have done up so far, and be kept in the loop about the information that they need to know from you. Come and follow us as we show you around the little world of Google Docs and tell you more about how it works.

1. Produce documents, spreadsheets and presentations via online.
It works just like how you would normally create your files. The only difference is that it will be reflected online! You can include bullets and numberings, rows and columns and pictures, make changes to your fonts, and even insert formulas if you are creating a spreadsheet. All this can be done for free! You can also upload current files that you store in your desktop, regardless of the formats of your files. Google Docs supports the most prominent formats like DOC, XLS, RTF, PPT and so on. Click on the toolbar buttons and you can give your files the finest touches that are pleasing to your eyes, like changing cell background fill and colors of the fonts.

2. Let your files be shared and edited by others all at once.
You have the freedom to opt for the people who can read your files online by keying in their email addresses and send them a personal invite. You can also select whether you want the following people to be your ‘viewers’ who can only read your files, or ‘collaborators’ who not only can view your files, but also, can edit them. The selected people will thus be able to gain access to your work every time they sign in, and they can do so all at the same time. There is a built-in on-screen chat window and document revisions that will let you know who made the changes and what changes have been made. For presentations, everyone will get to view them all at once, which is pretty much similar to doing the presentations on stage to an audience.

3. Save and arrange your files with much security.
The best part is that when you store your files online, you need not be overly concerned about whether your files will be affected due to damage in hard drives or power. You can access your files in any computer as long as it has an Internet connection and browser, with no charges and no downloading required. Google Docs also allows you to transfer your saved online files to your computer regardless of the formats. But you would definitely prefer to save them online not only because of the security in saving them, but also, because you can arrange them the way you want to. You can create folders with Google Docs and drag and drop your files accordingly in those folders.

4. You decide who can view your files.
You are given the option to display your work on the web, just with a simple click. They will automatically appear like a web page. Also, you can determine who are allowed to view your files. Perhaps one person, a few people, or even the whole wide world, maybe via your blog! If you are a little shy, you can choose to un-publish the file at any point in time. And if you have important documents that you want to spread within your organization, you can do so by using Google Apps. In this way, only you and other members of the organization would be able to view your files.

Watch this video to learn more on Google Docs

Mesmerized? Tempted to give it a shot? Then do it right away! It is very simple and free. All you need is a Google Account. If you already have an account with Google, then sign in and then take your pick on which type of document you would like to create with Google Docs or upload a current document that you have always wanted to share with others. And display it on the web if you are up for it! All these can be done with a snap of the finger.

So come on and let your work be known only with Google Docs!


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