Get The FREE Software That Embeds Multiple Accounts In Your Instant Messenger

Want a shot at something that is free and makes online chatting easier than ever?

Then give Pidgin that shot!

Pidgin is no ordinary instant messaging program. It is a program that support other instant messaging programs and accounts, particularly the prominent ones in the Internet world like Yahoo!, MSN Messenger, IRC, MySpaceIM, and many more. This special software allows you to sign in to numerous IM programs using numerous accounts, meaning that you could be chatting with your friends at Yahoo!, MSN Messenger and IRC all at once!

Pidgin is a user-friendly software that supports the features offered in other IM programs, such as sending of files and the essential messaging features. And it sure has its own exceptionally incredible features to boot!

One of the features is the Buddy Pounce, which signals you that your online friends have gone away, logged in, or resumed the conversation, by delivering a message or playing a sound. Other amazing features of this extraordinary software are text substitution, buddy ticker, complete message notice, spell check, and lots more!

Pidgin also works well with GNOME 2, KDE 3.1 and Windows’ system trays, which means that you need not have to keep the buddy list up on your computer while you are still signed in. Best of all, all these can be done on all the operating systems like Windows and Linux with no constraints at all.

How does Pidgin have the ability to support other instant messaging programs? It is actually all thanks to libpurple, the library that manages Pidgin and allows Pidgin to support other IM programs, as well as handle the various IM accounts and features.

Here is another part that makes Pidgin worth trying. Since it is a free program and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2, everyone has the freedom to utilize and make changes to it, provided that you issue the edited source codes when issuing your edited version. With that, you can make Pidgin work in a way that suits your taste!

Watch this interesting preview on how Pidgin works!

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Pidgin by visiting the website here and downloading the software for free. Simple to download, and simple to use!

Get connected to all your friends from all the IM networks that you have accounts with, just like connecting yourself to the entire world. All these can be done in your own computer, and none of it would be possible without Pidgin!


JesseTheCat said...

wow,is it free to use..?? A very interesting post as you always do,it has lots of value to anyone who may be looking to increase online friends.Keep up the excellent blogging.

Why havent you been on my blog to collect your award...
I have been scare lately due to modem failure, can you believe that?? I have had to borrow my neighbours modem to get online, abd obviously one of my first visits was to the Wonderful Team :)


Hi Jesse!!

Yes it is free to use. Glad u find it beneficial for all who wish to increase online friends. Thanks for your faith in us!

We're sorry that we came a little too late to collect the awards. Guess we have been too caught up with our work, but we were intending to visit your blog earlier on when we saw this comment from u. Still, we didn't mean to hurt u. =(

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JesseTheCat said...

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Rolando said...

Great NAFA, this is what i need! Too many applications. I need just one.


Hey Rolando!

Good for u. Glad that we could help u find the simplest way to connect to your online friends. =)


Hey Jesse!

Hehe. Jesse is teasing us huh? Well glad that u understand. And yes! We will never ever ever forget u. In fact, we remember u so much that we're on our way to posting the tag that u have given us. So check it out yeah? =)

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