Blogging For Friendship: A Blogging Community Project

We had recently put up two posts that touched on technology and blogging bringing people together: Be Heard, Start Blogging and Technology Brings People Together. You would probably think that we have talked enough about the technology and blogging world, but frankly, those posts are just the tips of the iceberg. Technology and blogging are somewhat like the subject of love. They are issues that we have so much to talk about, and at times, we do not even know where to begin, just like love.

After all, they are very closely linked to love, because healthy blogging and socializing through technology do promote love, peace and joy among the community. This is all about creating a beautiful friendship that is beyond compare.

We would like to see our blogging world flourish and blossom every single time. All of us in our right minds should never include ‘racism’, ‘prejudice’, and ‘discrimination’ in our dictionaries when we enter the blogosphere. In the blogging world, we are one. This inimitable world is created for all of us from all walks of life to come together, express opinions on life’s affairs, and at the end of everything, learn from one another.

And when we do that, we are actually fostering friendships among one another, which in turn will contribute to the unity of the community. In the process, we should not let anything hold ourselves back. We should not be too mindful about who our friends are and where they come from. All we need to know is that we are in this world to communicate and educate one another.

Imagine what this small blogging community can do for the world if all of us keep on practicing healthy blogging, meaning blogging without taking into consideration race, religion and status. Imagine how much love this world will receive if we do our part in promoting equality in blogging.

There should be nothing but love and friendship in blogging. And without a doubt, it is through blogging that our team has made friends with exceptionally wonderful people from all over. One thing for sure is that we will always give our love and support to our fellow friends who have been reciprocating us with their love and support too, no matter who they are.

In fact, we have made quite an amazing discovery that blogging has brought about for us. Here are a few people who have filled up and brightened up our circle of blogging friends, and the best part is that they come from different places and backgrounds!

Bobby, from the United States shares the exact same sentiment as us.

He had asked us to join this awesome blogging community project that aims to promote love and friendship in the blogging world.

Then along came Rolando, also from the United States.

Both are not only admired by many for their excellence in writing, but also, for how they make others, including us, feel welcomed.

One would never get enough of visiting them, especially because of their receptiveness towards the Asian culture.

Next, we have Marzie from Malaysia, a blogger with a bubbly personality and the sincerity to make friends with others. She would never fail to send us her comments and is indeed a source of motivation for us to keep on moving.

Another, blogger friend from Malaysia, Jean Chia. Jean had created the wonderful NAFA Team logo.

She also likes to give friendly comments to the articles that we would post, and that creates so much liveliness to the blog.

She is one of the friendliest blogger around.

And then there is Jamilla from Brunei. She has a sweet personality, as sweet as her Jamy Latte.

She would always come up with wonderful surprises for her friends and us.

There was even a time when she wrote a post especially for her friend, Nonnie, where she urged everyone to vote for Nonnie as the best Bruneian Blogger.

And yes, how can we forget our lovely friend, Jesse? She is a South African with a beautiful heart and beautiful looks to boot. She has given us so much support in whatever we have done. When it comes to any of our community projects, she would never fail to lend her helping hand and spread the word. This blogging world would mean nothing without such a kind-hearted and beautiful person like her.

There are so many wonderful bloggers to talk about and those names we mention were just a few of these bloggers.

They are all diverse in race and culture, but they have one thing in common, and that is the love and support they have showered us with. This is what blogging can do! It can bring people of different backgrounds together as one, so long as we want to put aside out differences and focus on interacting, building friendship, and most of all, educate one another on things that can affect all of us.

Blogging is apparently a form of social networking. One blogger gets connected to the other, and the other will tell the rest of his or her friends about the blogger. From there, the blogger will establish more connections. That is how it works!

Watch this video to learn more.

You agree with us on this don’t you? Then we are sure you will also be supportive of this amazing project.

Spread this word to the rest of your friends in the blogosphere by writing a post similar to this, and perhaps create a badge to promote friendly blogging.

To everyone in the blogging community, let us all stand together as one and bring love and friendship to the blogosphere and to the whole wide world.

We had created a badge for this movement. You may wish to copy the html code below if you like the badge.

We Stand As One


Bobby said...

Nafa, I do not know how to say this without sounding or feeling bad.

I do appreciate you making a badge for this project. There a few thing wrong though.

I didn't ask for a link back to me or my post. I left that up to the people. Your badge links back to your post and therefore I cannot use it.

I want a badge that links nowhere. You didn't link to the original post but if everyone links to yours, YOU will get all the credit.

This project isn't about credit...I require none.

I will publish a post on wednesday listing all the posts who participated using the individual post titles as anchor text.

I will put the badge on my site and give you credit for creating it. I cannot link the badge anywhere. I would put a note by the badge giving you credit.

All participants will be linked from my new post.

Your article is great! I know in my heart you are helping and mean well. However, to stand above the crowd, one cannot ask for credit directly OR indirectly.

I feel terrible for writing this, it hurts to have to do it:(

I hope you understand my position. If the badge linked anywhere, it would have to link to everyone and that is impossible.

It is the community that counts as a whole, not you or I.

I sincerely apologize if I have said anything to offend you.
Your friend, Bobby:)

The Bimbo said...

OH MY! That's a GREAT logo Nafa! ingenious... it's simple yet I think it really represents our message. GREAT JOB!!!

J@n!ce said...

Excellent people you have listed there. I'm truly honoured to have found them via blogging. They never fail to bring a smile to me with their visits :)

Which Nafa's palm is that... haha :D

Janice Ng

JesseTheCat said...

Hi Team, you really know how to make my night Super-Awesome! I was just getting up for a drink of water at 4am in the morning, when I checked my emails and saw this! How wonderful it feels to have friends like you Guys in the Blogosphere.You are correct about community and the ability of bloggers to make friends with people worldwide.It amazes me how easy we all can get on.It is sad that often in the outside world, countries and people just cant get along...still, we bloggers are making our own lives and building our own dreams and communities online....and having lots of fun doing it!
I wasnt able to watch the video, due to isp probs...but I will indeed put that awesome, I REALLY mean awesome badge up on my blog! I love it.Just give me a day or so. And I also love the fact that you mentioned me with so much love and sweetness, and included me among these bloggers who are ALL super people to say the least.You have really honoured me,Team Nafasg ... :)
thanks with all my heart..You are among the most wonderful people I know!!

Rolando said...

Hey NAFA, what a beautiful post. I'm sure it was hard to choose among friends. We are honored to be part of the list and appreciate the awesome badge.

You guys have done so much for us and the community. We will definitely stand with you in the blogging community.

Your friend always,

JaMiLLa said...


Such a nice post to introduce ur friendship community.

The best part is they are from different background and countries!!!

It feels like a world family. I got sibiling in spore, another in US and M'sia. Sound great!

U'r re right. U choose the right word to describe me. Through blogging, you cant see my face emotion and gesture but you can feel it from the way I blog ya right?

I am happy that my inner and outer self are the same!!! I like to smile. When I smile naturally, my eyes become a line. Not so photogenic. So when taking photo, abit headache. But recently, I change my hairstyle. It looks better and suitable. No matter how big my smile is, it still really nice.

Will show it to my friendship community in my blog next week....

Good example to show me how to start this project. *Thumbs Up*


Hi Bobby,

I do understand what you are trying to say.

We didnt specifically mentioned to everyone to copy and paste the badge if they would wish to support the movement.

In fact we highlighted to everyone to spread this word of their own to the rest of their friends in the blogosphere by writing a post similar to this, and perhaps creating a badge to promote friendly blogging on their own.

We have mention that you MAY wish to copy the html code if you like the badge. It is for those who like the badge and wish to copy and paste it at their blogs which we have spend efforts and time creating the badge.

I am truly sorry if my team and i caused any misunderstandings on we grabbing all the credits which have never crossed our intentions.

Nevertheless, i thank you for the faith in us that you have mentioned on the part of our good intentions. Thank you.



@the bimbo - Thank you so much for your kind comments. We really appreciate it. =)

@janice - Hey, Jan.. yup, those people we mention were just a few of these bloggers, including yourself. =) The palm which consist of all the five fingers belongs to all of us in the blogosphere. Be it tall or short, young or old, we are still connected together just like the fingers connected to the palm.


Hello Jesse, Rolando, and Jamilla...

Glad to hear from u guys about this article. This is one article that means a lot to us. We can really feel what Bobby feels abt the blogging community and how the community should be.

It is such a great pleasure for us to mention u guys in this post. U guys have rocked our blogging world with your sincerity, honesty, love and support for us. Thank u so much!

The blogging world may be small but is indeed a special one. Even when wars and misunderstandings arise in the outside world, we are still able to stay united and dedicated behind one another (sounds like our tagline! =D) in our little world here.

May our friendship keep on blooming and blossoming, and may we always stand together as one to build a blogging community that will forever be strong.

Thank u guys for being our wonderful friends, and glad that u like the badge we have created specially for this awesome project. =)

And Jamilla, will be looking forward to your friendship post. And keep smiling coz u have a very nice smile! =)

JesseTheCat said...

hello,hope that you are all having an awesome weekend!

I just came round to grab the links to the other bloggers you mentioned in your wonderful post here (who I have never visited,like Jamilla.)
I am also working on my post, will take a day or know Jesse is ALWAYS slow, least my isp is!! :)

Hugs and love to you,
be safe

Shinade said...

I just wanted to say that I love you guys and that I think every single member is absolutely outstanding. The logo is fabulous and I also grabbed the code for your team link and added it as a link on my blog. Everyone possible should get the chance to experience your wonderful site.

Also I wanted to let you all know that I do think I have finally made the change over and I am back up and running.

Thank you all so very much for your wonderful comments,understanding, and especially your support as I was going through these change overs and spending some wonderful family time.


Hello Jesse...

Great to see u again! Oh yes u should get to know Jamilla. She is such a sweetie. She was the one who sent the huge surprise to Janice to wish her brother a speedy recovery. She is amazing! Just like u my friend. =)

Looking forward to your post, but take your time. We will wait for ya! Thanks for coming. We are always delighted to see u here. U take care ok? *huggies*

With love,


Hey Jackie!

We miss u. Nice to hear from u again! Oh it's great to know that u have been spending time with your loved ones, and even did a 'makeover' to your site. Will come over and check it out!

Words cannot describe how grateful we are for your support towards us. U have been a wonderful friend to us and we know that our blogging world would never be the same without u around. Thank u from the bottom of our hearts for everything that u have done for us. We love u and will be right behind u all the way. =)

Keep up the great work Jackie. We have great faith in u. =)

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA!! GP is back yay!!! Missed u guys la... :)

Thanks for the wonderful mention of me and all the other great ppl here! You guys will always be one of my fave blogs and you're doing an excellent job of spreading love and healthy blogging in the community, so keep it up! Have a great weekend... :):):)

Colin said...


The blogosphere is just one big family for many of us, having met so many wonderful bloggers from many diverse backgrounds where there is no discrimination, no prejudices, no racism whatsoever.

We are all simply human.

I will add your badge to my blog next week as I think what you do is wonderful :)

May the love and friendship continue to flourish throughout the blogosphere and extend into the rest of the world.


Hey GP!!!

We miss u so much. Glad u are back! Thanks a lot for having faith in our work, and for supporting us all the way. We probably would not have come this far if not for all the great people here, including our beautiful Genie Princess. =)

U keep up the great work too. Take care and have a great week ahead! =)


Hey Colin...

We appreciate your keen interest in the badge. Thanks for wanting to add it to your site, and glad that u like what we have done here. This is what blogging is all about. Being a one big happy family that spreads nothing else but love and joy. Hope we can all continue to be this way throughout the rest of our blogging lives.

This is for the blogosphere, and for the rest of the world! Thanks Colin. =)

Colin said...

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your wonderful comment :)

I have incorporated the badge into my post, I think it looks great.


Hi Colin...

U are back! Nice to see u again. No problem abt the comment. It is our pleasure!

Oh the badge is put up on your post already? That's great to hear! Thanks and so happy that u like how our badge looks like. =)

Jean Chia said...

Hi NAFA peeps! im back frm my vacation! It's great to be welcomed in such a way. Thank you peeps! u guys are the best. Hv a Great Week ahead! :))


Hey Jean!!

Hope u had enjoyed your vacation. Welcome back! And glad that we could give u a warm welcome with this mention on you. It's our pleasure! U are the best!

Have a good rest and have a great week too! =)

Rolando said...

I hope I did it right NAFA, but here is my completed response -

Thanks for the tag!


Hey Rolando...

Ok will check out your post. Thanks for putting it up! =)

Bobby said...

Hi Nafa! You know, I have felt so horrible ever since this project and in many ways it seemed to mess up our friendship which is so terrible.

I miss you so much and I of course haven't visited you much lately. You guys have a similar vision and mission in blogging as I do. This project would have been so great had I not been so adamant about things working a certain way.

I really am sorry Nafa and want you to know how much respect I have for all of you.

Your friend always,


Hi Bobby...

Actually, there is nothing for u to feel terrible about. Yes, things did happen while u were trying to get us to assist u in this project...but u know, just let bygones be bygones. It is pointless brooding over the past events. We should all look forward to the things ahead of us. U should too, Bobby.

And if we were really frustrated, we would not have wondered how u were doing and all during your darkest hours and left our comment at your site right? =)

We too would like to apologize for causing u trouble one way or the other. Rest assured, we have born no grudges on u even after the incident, and we still very well regard u as our blogging friend. =)

Bobby said...

Thanks Nafa! You are the BEST!!!!
Here's to the future and friendship!!!


And thank u too Bobby!

Here's to a better future for us all!!! =)