Technology Brings People Together

What the world needs now…is love sweet love…And the best way for us to show our true love for our world is when all of us can come together as one, despite our natural born differences and our diversity in culture and race, building a warm and friendly global community.

A community is defined as a group of people with a common lifestyle, attitude, belief and need. A global community, on the other hand, is all about different communities coming together to share their views and perceptions of the various aspects of life by means of healthy and unbiased interactions. This is something that the blogging world has managed to achieve thus far.

We have seen bloggers from all over the world hopping over to blogs, sending comments and interacting with one another without taking their cultural and racial differences seriously. All they set their minds to do is to make friends and learn from each other. No discriminations involved!

You can also read this article posted by our dear friend, Rolando, which touched on the fact that blogs do not discriminate, and that blogs are designed for everyone from all walks of life to speak their minds.This is a perfect picture of a global community, which can even be seen in this blogging world.

This is likewise in YouTube, a video broadcasting website that displays all kinds of videos, of which some are related to affairs that have apparently brought the global community closer together.

YouTube actually works just like other interactive websites. It is not only about watching videos passively. Viewers of the videos are allowed to express their opinions and send in their valuable comments about the videos. If you were to read the comments that come in, you will find that there are interactions involved between people from totally different backgrounds. These people may not have talked or met up with one another before, but once they start cracking conversations on the videos, they simply cannot stop.

This is how great the impact YouTube can bring about to the global community. Camaraderie is being fostered among people through these virtual conversations and people can find a sense of satisfaction in them that they are a part of the YouTube family, whether as the ones uploading the videos or the ones commenting on them.

Watch this video to see users’ reactions towards YouTube based on an interview that was carried out during a gathering among YouTube users held at Red Top Mountain State Park located in Cartersville, Georgia.

Kudos to YouTube for bringing the community together as one, and also to the blogging world that has brought our team closer to all the bloggers out there. With the existence of YouTube and many of such networking websites, bringing the community together is indeed the crowning glory of technology.

Watch this video that talks about how technolgy brings people together


WaterLearner said...

Indeed there should be no discrimination between creed or race or whatsoever as far as blog-communication is concerned.

This post indeed sings the message to one higher note!


Hi Karen...

Yes that is true. Everyone in this blogging world is here to make friends, share the good times and bad times, and help one another in times of need.

Thanks for reading this. =)

Rolando said...

Great post NAFA and thank you for the plugin to our article. Technology does bring us together and with internet phones, internet cafes, and internet everything people can keep in touch in a heartbeat.

Our blogs is great example on how we best leverage this technology, information, and sustain our friendships.


Thanks Rolando!

And it is a pleasure putting up your interesting post too. Yes technology is really amazing. Without technology, we would have never met u and found out how wonderful a friend u are. It has made such a big difference to us, and we're sure it does to others in the blogging community. =)

Monday Morning Power said...

Thank you for participating in my “Why do you Blog?” post. Can you please give me your email address; I would like to discuss something with you.

Mine is


Hi Monday Morning Power,

Its our pleasure. You can contact us at

Bobby said...

This is my favourite subject and one I have been writing about since I started blogging. I believe there are many possibilities for the future of blogging and I will continue writing about it!

I have several posts that are closely related to this one. I will look through them and add in a link to this one!

We must join in every way possible!

Mr_Ilham said...

link exchange with me


Hi Bobby...

We knew u would like this one. We actually were inspired by your articles, so we thought of writing one. =)

Wow u want to link this post to one of your articles? Cool. That's nice of u! Thanks.

Yup, using technology to bring u closer to the community is something worthy of our time and effort. Like u said, we must join in every way possible. =)


Hi Mr_Ilham...

We would like to exchange links with u. However, we were unable to access to your blog as your profile was not found. Perhaps u may want to check whether u had used the correct URL or email add when u sent your comment here.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thanks and have a nice day! =)