Sending Our Rays Of Hope For Our Dear Friend

Prayers For Janice Brother

Dear Readers,

We would like to educate all of you about the dangers of lung disease, and how you should take good care of your lungs.

Lung diseases can be categorized into different types.

The first category is made up of diseases that will obstruct the entrance of air in our lungs, thus affecting our breathing, like asthma attack and chronic bronchitis.

The second is made up of diseases that are resulted from the irregular blood circulation within our respiratory system, such as high blood pressure and respiratory failure.

The third one is made up of diseases caused by the presence of harmful bacteria and viruses that can damage and weaken the lungs, such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. The prominent lung disease of all is lung cancer, and people who are normally prone to lung cancer are heavily addicted smokers.

All of you should keep yourself protected from lung diseases before it is too late.

 Practise healthy eating habits by consuming more fruits and vegetables to improve blood circulation.

 Cut down on eating oily dishes, which can cause further damage to your respiratory system and an undesirable increase in blood pressure.

 For those who have been smoking, quit smoking! Take slow steps by cutting down on the number of cigarettes being used up in a week.

For non-smokers, do avoid passive smoking by refraining yourselves from areas where smokers like to loiter.

If you have a family member who is currently smoking, help him or her to quit so that your health and all your loved ones’ health will not be affected.

In recent years, we have heard of several cases of patients suffering from lung diseases. A few days ago, one of our dear friends in the blogosphere, Janice, was struck by an unfortunate incident that has been leaving her saddened and anxious ever since then.

You can read more on this wonderful mother of two here.

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Janice's brother was admitted to the ICU and had to undergo a lung operation. He has already been transferred to the normal ward for recuperation, but the recuperation process is going to be a long and intricate one for him.

Let us all hope and pray that he will have a speedy recovery so that he can return to all his loved ones as a healthy and happy man.

Readers, we urge you to send your thoughts and prayers for our blogosphere’s dearest friend, Janice, right here.

To show your compassion for her and her entire family, please display this logo on your site, and help us spread this message to all your friends. Janice would be more than grateful to know that all of you are giving her and her family members all the love and support during these dark times of theirs.

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From the NAFASG Team to Janice, we would like to take this opportunity to send our well wishes to Janice, her family, and most of all, her brother.

Please keep yourself in high spirits and always stay positive.

All of us here will continue to hope and pray that your brother will be on the road to recovery very soon.
Prayers For Janice Brother

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For Janice's Brother.


joezul said...

Hi Guys,

That very nice of you to start this post. Thank you.

I've already left her a message this afternoon, and was thinking of preparing a poem, but unfortunately, I'm still does not fully recovered yet from the flu.. still am a bit groggy from from all those panadols.

As such, I just copied the whole text from your post and put it up on my blog. I hope you don't mind.
Let just hope Janice and her family get through this ordeal.

Take care
- Joe

Mariuca said...

Hi NAFA! Sorry I got here so late, u know la Streamyx conenction not very reliable!

Anyway, it's great to see Janice receiving so much love and support. We all hope for the very best for her and her brother. I'm sure she'll be grateful for ur post. Do drop by my post and show ur love and support for Jan there too!

NAFASG said...

Hello Joezul...

So nice of u to drop by despite being bugged by your flu. Hope u will get well soon ok? =)

Thanks for your support to our dear friend. Janice would be so happy to see all these beautiful messages pouring in for her. Our thoughts and prayers will always be with her. =)

Hey Marzie...

We were eagerly waiting for your post and it's finally up already! Gonna check it out now. And thanks for your wonderful messages here! =)

J@n!ce said...

Joe, Marzie & Nafa, thank you all so much...You guys are really wonderful friends to have. Nafa is right, we should really be mindful of our body & take good care. Thank you so much for the post & the call for prayers for my brother. :)

Janice Ng

thiamhin said...

may GOD have given him a chance to life...

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo!nice entry! I think I better stop smokeing!Oh I have link u up at 'hor ny' directories! BTW where did u put my link? He! He! Have a nice day!

NAFASG said...

Hello Janice!!

Nice to know u have read this. It's a little something special from us. Hope this will brighten up your dark times and keep u in high spirits always. =)

Marzie has also created a special post for u. Go take a look yeah? U will see all the love and support that u have been getting from so many people. =)

NAFASG said...

Hi thiamhin...

Thanks so much for that beautiful message for Janice and her bro. We are all praying for his recovery. =)

Hi Horny Ang Moh...

Welcome back. Glad to know this article is educational for u. By the way, your link is under 'Our Network'. =)

JesseTheCat said...

Hello Sweeties, I apologise for not commenting yesterday when I came to your blog...and also for not taking down this beautiful symbol you created for our friend Janice.I had such isp probles, I pulled up your site and was just starting to read it, when Bam, I'm kicked offline and the rest of the night I could hardly pull up a blog !! I love your post here and will add this code to my blog post ! Just gimme a little time in case isp bombs out..he he Have a great day, Angels... :)

NAFASG said...

Hello Jesse...

It's ok we understand. Take your time! =)

Thanks for taking time to read this post. We love your post too. Have a great day ahead! =)

JesseTheCat said...

OK, by some miracle I managed to get it up in a short space of time.It looks great...See you later ! :)

NAFASG said...

Well done Jesse! Would love to see it. =)

Bobby said...

Hi Nafa! I have proudly displayed this badge on my post. I apologize for taking so long to get to you but I am here now! I am studying for my
CompTIA Linux+ certification and I've been very busy. You guys have done a fantastic job with everything and I am blessed to have you as a friend and partner:)

NAFASG said...

Hi Bobby!

Oh it's ok. We understand how busy u are. But glad that u spared some time to display our badge. Thanks for your support! We are proud to have u as our friend and partner too.

Keep up the good work! =)

casaca said...

Hi Nafa!
Thanks for your visit.
I already added your link in my blog.
Good week...

Bobby said...

Well thanks Nafa! I feel much better now. I only hope Janice's brother feels better. Our combined love should help!!!!!

NAFASG said...

Of course, as long as we have the faith and much love been showered.. i am sure that Janice brother will make it through and be a healthy man once again Thanks Bobby..You're a great friend indeed =)

JesseTheCat said...

Hello Nafa, just stopping in to say hello again.I hope you are all having a great day! Dont work too hard, lol :) Take care, sweeties !

NAFASG said...

Hello Jesse...

Thanks for dropping by. U have a great day too! Take care dear. =)

WaterLearner said...

Hi All in Good Nafa's Prayer Room,

As we unwind and look forward to the weekend, let’s not forget Jan’s good brother that is still in need of our sincere prayers. I truly believe that the invisible strength of love and prayers no matter what religion we belong to, will do miracle to the receiver of our good prayers.

Nafa! Have a Great Weekend!

NAFASG said...

Hello Karen...

We at NAFA are still hoping that Jan's brother will be on the road to recovery. With our combined love and support for her and her brother, miracles can happen. =)

Have a great weekend too, Karen! =)