Privacy Affirmed With Google Search

We all know how important it is to endure privacy whenever you surf the Internet and especially when you are doing a search or sharing private information. It would unquestionably get you into trouble if you were to discover that someone or a few people have been tampering with your personal information or other details that are important to you.

Want an assurance that your privacy is affirmatively maintained? Then trust Google Search to do the job!

For a start, we would like to share with you how Google search engine functions. It starts off with you entering Google website using your computer. In the search engine, you type a word depending on what you intend to search for, like the word ‘cars’. This word is called your search query.

Your search query will then be handed over to the Internet to be read, and afterwards be passed on to the server to be read. Once the server captures the search query, the server will return the message to the Internet, and the Internet will pass on the message to your computer. That is how all the URLs from your search displays in the website!

During the process, the Internet will take note of your IP address. The IP address is equivalent to your contact number. This is a ‘contact number’ given by your service provider to your computer.

Google will be able to capture the IP address of your computer, but do not worry, because the IP address will not reflect your personal details like your name, home address and contact details. At most, it can only locate the country where you are carrying out the search. Hence, you can still keep your personal information away from being ‘stolen’.

Another component of the Google search engine that also proves Google’s integrity in preserving your personal details is the cookie. A cookie is a small file that stores a line of codes and characters every time you log on to a website.

Cookies are actually useful in saving details on the users’ choices in the Internet. Best of all, cookies will not inform Google where you are surfing the website and who precisely is using the Google search engine. So again, your information is kept confidential at all times!

After every search users make, Google will store those searches by means of a log record. But do not get panic-stricken by the log record! The only types of information stored in the log record are your search queries, the search URL, the IP address, the cookie, the web browser and the time and date of the search.

Nothing less and nothing more! You need not get overly anxious as to whether Google will keep track of your personal whereabouts. In fact, the details stored in the log record will deplete after 18 months. So in a way, Google will not be permanently in possession of any of your information. And the one thing you can be assured of is that everything about you will never be revealed to Google and will always remain safe with you.

Get more information in the Google Privacy section, and you will see why Google Search is the search engine with tight security and privacy for all of its users.

Watch this video for a more comprehensive explanation of how Google Search works and why Google Search is the search engine that ensures 100% privacy.

So for a powerful tool that provides first-class searching efficiency and protection, make Google search your choice!

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thiamhin said...

at last...i can sleep soundly...
there are many identify theft all over the internet..
privacy is all we needed most..


Hi Thiamhin...

Hehe! Glad we can make u sleep soundly. But we know what u mean. Internet privacy is just too important to take for granted. So no worries, u can count on Google for this! =)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Can Google see me right now? Just wondering...
Cool post, and hello from SpeedyCat H.


Hi Speedcat...

Thanks for the visit. Glad u like this post on Google. Wish that Google could see u right now since u mentioned that this is a cool post. ;p

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