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All you have to do is display the Blogrush widget in your blog and your posts will immediately be propped up on blogs all over the blogosphere that are associated to your blog contents. This is because every blogger who signs up with Blogrush and places the widget on his or her site will gain ‘syndication credits’.

Syndication Credits
Syndication credits are the rights that the blogger has to display the article titles in the widgets of other correlated blogs. This can be based on the amount of traffic for your own blog, and even the traffic coming in to other blogs that load the Blogrush widget from your blog. The more syndication credits earned, the more traffic you will gain. Syndication credits can be earned from up to ten generations of Blogrush referrals. When one of your newer post titles display on the widget of another blog, you have been said to gain one syndication credit.

So imagine how it would be like to have ten generations of referrals clicking on your post titles? Even your two hands would not be enough to count the amount of traffic you will get! It is without a doubt the most effective way to increase your traffic in the quickest time possible. To get others to use Blogrush, you can make use of your Direct Referral URL that you will be provided with after you have completed the sign-up, or let them click on the widget placed on your site.

Blogrush gives you the opportunity of a lifetime to make your blog noticed by thousands, or even millions of people, within the shortest period of time you can ever think of. So what are you waiting for?

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Rolando said...

I've been using this for the last week now thanks to Bobby for the referral. :)


Hello Rolando...

Yeah we saw this on Bobby's site too. And we discovered how effective it is! Glad u made the right choice to use Blogrush too. =)

Bobby said...

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Let me know what you think. Tim obviously has vast knowledge and I cannot ignore what he has to say!


Sure Bobby, Thanks for sharing. I will check out the sites for the relevant details you have given me and get back to you as soon as possible.

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Nice infor will give it a try! Have a nice day!


Hello Horny Ang Moh...

Thanks for reading this. Glad u like it! And yes, it is worth giving a try.

Have a nice day! =)