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Anglian Home ImprovementsAfter a hard day at work or school, all you would want to do is find comfort in your own humble abode. So it is elementary that you would wish for your home to be the most beautiful place to live in. There is one place you can count on not only to make your home a beautiful place to live in, but also, a dreamland that you would never want to get out of.....

Introducing Anglian, where your fantasies of having a breathtakingly beautiful home can turn into reality!

Anglian Home Improvements Company first took off in 1966 and has since been the center of attraction for all customers who desire to refurbish their homes. Anglian is best known for its customer orientation, whereby they would place greatest priority on their customers’ needs and wants.

The proof of Anglian’s reputability is not only in its 40 years of excellent service, but also, in the certified recognitions received in UK. It has even surpassed the standards of British Standards and Kitemarks. There is more to it that makes Anglian the ultimate choice for the best home improvements.

1. The White Knight windows are specially and precisely tailored to soothe the eyes of the customers, making the windows the most sellable in the world. There are a huge variety of doors and windows to choose from to match closely with the layout of your house.

2. Anglian also ensures that not more than three windows will be taken out from your house to safeguard your home from dust and draughts.

3. Its Ultra 2 sealed units covered with ‘soft coat’ glass make them the most outstanding range of windows that can withstand heat.

4. The windows have four built-in safekeeping features for the fullest safety protection, while the doors have a total of 16 integrated safekeeping features. With Anglian, you are guaranteed to be living in your home safe and sound.

5. It also makes use of its very own uPVC that guarantees sparkling beauty in the windows. The uPVC will be recycled to ensure protection for the environment, and the old windows will still be preserved. This shows how environmental-friendly Anglian is.

6. The Rooftrim can last for up to as long as 20 years. It is the highest quality Rooftrim that you should not miss out on.

7. Anglian’s workforce comprises the most highly efficient workers who can meet or exceed the expectations of the company, so you can be sure that your houses will be well renovated and maintained the way you want it to be. The workers would also place high emphasis on timeliness. You can expect a call from them if they were to be more than five minutes late. They will even go the extra mile by treating your home like theirs too. They will not leave until they have cleaned up your home after all the installations have been carried out.

8. Starting from the point of time the installation has been completed, they will make a customer care call to check that the installations have been executed perfectly, and for a year, they will also monitor whether the customers are satisfied with the result of their home after the installation.

From the windows and the doors, comes another range of items that can help beautify your home. We are talking about the conservatories!

Wouldn’t you have the time of your life to have an extra room to outsize the worth of your home? But of course, it is not just about having an extra room, but it is also about having an extra room that will constantly put a smile on your face. Certified by BBA as the manufacturer of conservatories, you can leave it to Anglian to give the magical touches to your room!

On top of that, it comes together with a 10-year guarantee that can provide you with the assurance that they will meet your home furnishing standards. You can select the best conservatories that suit your taste and your home layout by referring to the buyer’s guide, or simply call for further enquiries on their range of conservatories.

With all that Anglian has got to offer, you cannot afford to not give Anglian the green light to change the looks and styles of your home.

Visit the website now and you can contact them directly, request for a brochure or even request for them to return your call, all with no cost incurred!

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Anglian's Classic Front Door
Anglian's Classic Front Door

The Victorian Conservatory with its angled roof
The Victorian Conservatory

The Elizabethan Conservatory
The Elizabethan Conservatory

Photos Of House
Screenshot Of Anglian Home Improvements

Looking for the gateway to having the most astonishing household furnishing you can ever imagine?

Imagine no more and make Anglian Home Improvements your number one choice!

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Rolando said...

Wow, looks very nice. Wish I had one. Guess I have to save up for it after I get a bigger house.


Hi Rolando...

Alright take your time, but when u think it is the right time for u to buy a house, there's always Anglian! =)

Rolando said...

I've very happy with the size of our house. I just have to stop buying stuff :)


Of course of course. U should be glad with your house coz that's where u live and breathe. =)