Think Smart, Think BlackBerry Smartphone!

BlackBerry 8100 Pearl myFaves Phone (T-Mobile)

First came telephones, then came mobile phones, now comes another brand new series of phones… the smartphones! Want to own a smartphone?

Then make BlackBerry® your number one choice!
From the name given, one would perceive the smartphone as a slick and black-colored mobile phone look alike with the state of the art connection and multimedia functions. BlackBerry® Smartphone permits easy access to wireless interactions and an assortment of data. Still wondering how? We will go into further details about the features encompassing this classy communication device:


You can send, receive, forward and reply to your emails without plugging in any wire. Best of all, you need not do any connection startup or get your fingers nimble just to retrieve your incoming emails. The emails will come knocking at your smartphone door! It would be so convenient not only to open your email messages, but also, to open your attachments in the right format. It allows incorporation of your personal or company email accounts into the phone, and even gives you the option of signing up a BlackBerry® email account. Your inbox will also be protected from a massive influx of emails and junks. You can choose the filter function, which will help you take in the important emails and discard the junks!

Corporate Data

BlackBerry® allows full access to data of the company you are working in or the business you own. All this can materialize with the aid of the BlackBerry® Enterprise Solution, which holds the key to all the data pertaining to your business or workplace, like pricing, inventories and customer contacts. You can actually key in the account details and get updated on the latest billing details for the company!

Instant Messaging

A built-in instant messaging function is available to stay connected to your contacts at anywhere and any time. You can also organize your contacts well, and communicate with your contacts wirelessly. Emoticons are also available to give a more expressive touch to instant messaging!


A speakerphone is integrated for convenience to smartphone users. The BlackBerry® Smartphone also comes along with Bluetooth function that provides freedom for users to use headsets to communicate with contacts. BlackBerry® guarantees highly defined voice clarity and ease in staying connected to others!

Internet Access

A browser can be found in the smartphone for you to gain access to the Internet. You can get stock updates, surf the Web, find out about the latest news headlines and even obtain weather forecasts. The click and scroll trackwheel is also built-in for you to navigate the Web, and the QWERTY is available for you to type the URLs conveniently. This means that you will be constantly kept in the loop about the latest updates even when you are not desk bound!


The SMS and MMS functions are a separate entity from emails messages, so you will not need to fear of congestion in your inbox! You will enjoy an inbox for your emails, and another inbox for your text and multimedia messages!


You can gain access to all your daily data organizing tools like calendar, task list, address book, memo pad and calculator. All this can be made possible wirelessly. So you will have every opportunity to organize your essential data in a worry-free way! The data can also be synchronized to your computer easily with the BlackBerry® Desktop Software. A simple installation of the software will get you all ready to save your important data in your computer!

Get your BlackBerry® Smartphone today. A great variety of smartphones to choose from! Plus, you have an option to choose the smartphone that suits your identity and style.

Think smart, think BlackBerry® Smartphone!

BlackBerry 8300 Curve Silver Phone (AT&T)


JesseTheCat said...

Hello sweeties, a lovely smartfone to make my mouth water..yummy ! Great post ..keep them coming! Happy weekend from me :)

Slamet Syahrir said...

ponsel keren banget nih, wah jadi kepengen miliki HP na.

gogogo27 said...

for visiting.

NAFASG said...

Hey Jesse, Slamet Syahrir and Gogo27,

Thanks for dropping by to read this article. Yup it is a revolutionary smartphone, so u can check out the Blackberry website to find out more n even purchase one for yourself! =)