Our First Tutorial On Blog Designing

Before we begin our tutorial proper, let us learn more about these common blog-designing terms:

HTML, also known as Hypertext Markup Language is a language tool for web designers to author source codes to create web pages.

CSS or Cascading Style Sheets is a language tool for web designers on how the HTML is designed or formatted.

JAVASCRIPTS are scripts that enable web designers and authors to design interactive items for the site.

Tags are structured sources that show information about your HTML. Just like the human structure, tags comprise the head, body and foot. This is how the structured layout of your HTML works.

Kick Start

Sign in to your Blogspot Account! Once you have done so, you can proceed to carrying out the instructions below:

STEP 1 : Click on the template found on the navigation tab bar given above.

STEP 2 : Hover down to EDIT HTML on the template.

STEP 3 : Download your FULL Template as a backup to your desktop before making any changes to the HTML

STEP 4 : If there is any problem in the editing or modifications of the HTML, you can always upload it again.

STEP 5 : The Widget Templates Tick Box:

Checked: The expanded mode will appear (ie full view of your source codes)
Not Checked: The collapse mode will appear (ie brief vew of your source codes)

Step 6 : This is another way to clear your editing.

Step 7 : Preview your edit to the codes. DO NOT SAVE yet. If there is any error, blogspot will inform you. See error example.

Step 8 : Once, finalized you can save your template.

Designing And Formatting

Adding CSS To Blogspot

Step 1 : Expand your Widget Templates Tick Box

Step 2 : Search for the following tag in your HTML
or search using CTRL+F and paste the code shown above.

Step 3 : Place your CSS design codes right BEFORE the tag.

Adding Java Scripts To Blogspot

Step 1 : Expand your Widget Templates Tick Box

Step 2 : Search for the following tag:
or search using CTRL+F and paste the code shown above.

Step 3 : Place your JAVASCRIPTS codes design right AFTER the tag.

With that, you have now got to know all the basics.

Create Your Own Fav Icon

Now, let us try displaying a favicon in your blog!

Readers, look carefully at our address bar. Can you see a small icon situated next to the URL? This is how it looks like:

For your information, what you had just seen is not any ordinary icon. It is called a favicon!

Now readers, take note of the following instructions in adding your favicon:

 Select your most wanted favicon, and once you have accomplished that, save the selected favicon as an ‘ico’ file.

 Upload the saved file into a web storage space that CAN accepts ‘ico’ extensions.

 To insert the favicon on your web/blog, search for the head tags :

or search using CTRL+F and paste the code shown above.

 Once found, copy the code below and substitute "YOURBLOGURL" with the URL in your web space where the file is being saved, and place the above code IN BETWEEN THE HEAD TAGS of your blog.

 After copying the code, preview it to make sure the favicon is displayed, (give it a while till your entire page finish with the loading) once everything is set, save your template.

 If it still does not appear, clear your explorer brower’s cookies if you are not sure read more about our review on FREE CC cleaner here.

Are the instructions clear? So what are you waiting for?
Get your address bars decorated with favicons now!
Stay in touch with us for more tips on blog designing.


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