The Science Of Public Speaking

It is comprehensible that we tend to be afraid of talking in front of a group of people or large crowd, like during presentations, speech deliveries and story telling.

We would even have nightmares of being scoffed at when giving a speech, or fears of stumbling on words and messing up all the sentences while trying to stay in contact with the audience.

But do not vex over it. Such matters are treatable. On the whole, it takes self-belief and audacity to overcome those tribulations of public speaking. Take a closer look at some of the techniques that can help you out…

Preparation of Speech

1. When preparing a speech, do not pen it down like writing an essay. A written speech is meant to be spoken afterwards, so come up with interactive sentences. You can come up with questions to pose to the audience.

2. Make sure that you utilize the right vocabulary and grammar for your speech. This is to affirm that your audience will understand your points.

3. Be assured of the targeted audience you are going to deliver the speech to. That will determine how your speech will sound like. If you were to deliver a meeting presentation, you would need to give a formal one.

4. Come up with a conclusion that you can draw from your speech and make certain that your speech ends with a bang!

5. Take deep breaths a couple of minutes before the presentation. This will relax your body and soul and make you feel less panicky during the presentation.

During Speech Delivery

1. Develop the confidence in you when facing the audience. Have faith that the message you wish to deliver will create a major impact to them, and that is what makes the audience believe in your message too.

2. You can visualize that you are not talking to a large group of people. Instead, imagine that you are talking to somebody about the topic of your speech. However, do not get carried away by being too informal. If you are going to present a proposal to your boss or clients, you ought to be more formal.

3. Use hand gestures when delivering the speech. Gestures indicate your enthusiasm in putting across the message. Show that enthusiasm with the variation of your tonal expressions when speaking. Talking in monotone can lead everyone to dreamland in no time, so get the audience perked up together with you.

4. Speak with a resounding voice so that everyone can listen to what you are talking about. Do not mumble. Ensure the words used are well articulated.

5. Always have eye contact with the audience to show that you are communicating with them, rather than reading your cue cards as if you are just talking to yourself.

6. Remember to thank your audience for listening to you.

Spare some time reading this, especially if you are going to deliver a speech within these next few days. With a little help from us here, we believe you will ace in your speech delivery and your audience will give you a big round of applause!

Realize and unleash the gallantry in you…


Mariuca said...

Hi Nafa! I wish I had read this during my college days, I dreaded my Public Speaking class, but managed to get through it Phew! :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Marzie,

Well it's still not too late. I am sure along the way you would need these tips at your workplace. So the next time u need to do a presentation or deliver a speech, u know where to turn to for help! =D

Mariuca said...

Thanks NAFA, but now that I work for myself, I don't have to worry about that anymore. I even emceed a couple of events during my working days (as in with other ppl!) so I can safely say that I can handle things much better now :)

NafaSg said...

Great to hear that Marzie! U have successfully conquered your nerves. =)

Jean Chia said...

I love public speaking. During my college years, i always have to present and explain my design in front of the class. It was scary at first, but soon i've picked up the courage and confience and man, i love public speaking. I love when all eyes and ears are on me. Hehe.. :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Jean,

That means u are an attention seeker! U love being heard and seen by other people. Hehe! But that is what it takes to be a good public speaker! Well done Jean. =)

Jean Chia said...

haha.. NAFA, thanks! i guessed it was all thanks to my lecturers for forcing us to do the presentation every week. hehe. :)

NAFASG said...

Hi Jean! Good to hear from u. Yeah all that intensive weekly presentations have groomed u to be the confident presenter that u are right now.

Well done Jean! =)