NAFASG©™ Online Phone Shop

The public’s perception of long distance calls: expensive, slow in the duration of purchase and a hassle! But with the international prepaid cards offered here at our very own NAFASG©™ Online Shop, we will expunge your perception of long distance calls entirely!

The online shop was initiated by the proud members of the NAFASG©™ Team. The shop is meant to cater to the needs of our fellow visitors to connect to the other side of the world with fullest convenience.

Our prepaid phone cards will provide you with the access to call your loved ones and friends no matter where you are calling from and where they are receiving your call. You will be able to purchase online, which saves your traveling time, and you will receive your PIN code and Access Number via online. Purchasing of the cards becomes such a speedy task right here! Best of all, you can grab hold of your Access Number and PIN code at any place and at any time where you can connect to the Internet.

You can request for a permanent PIN number and simply top up the value of your card when necessary. There are other privileges that you can be on the lookout for in our online shop likePIN free connection and transfer of the card balance.
Our prepaid cards are offered at the best rates and are guaranteed more low-priced than making calls using operators.

The rates vary according to your place of stay and are listed in our NAFASG©™ International Worldwide Phone Services website for your reference. There is a vast selection of prepaid cards that you can choose from within just one country.

Just click on the ‘Cards’ section and you will not want to miss out on our attractive prepaid cards available for sale! So come and purchase our exclusive collection of prepaid cards right here at

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