The Doorway To Excellence In Examinations

If you ask anybody what is one of his or her biggest fears in life, he or she would tell you that examination is one of them! Examinations serve as an intensive test as to how much commitment students have portrayed in everything that the teacher has explained in class.

During examinations, it is all or nothing! Nobody is going to lend you a helping hand. You will have to stand on your own two feet. Heart pounding isn’t it?
Let the following tips below come to your rescue! Here are some of the things you can do to tackle your examination blues and maintain your concentration when studying and sitting for it:

Ø Physical surroundings do contribute to your level of concentration. You should study anywhere in your house where there is a window near you. In this way, when you need a few minutes of breather from all the studying, you can look out the window to view the greeneries that can relax your eye muscles, and inhale the fresh air that can energize your body and mind.

Ø Keep yourself pink in health. Too much of stress in you can deteriorate your level of concentration. This is because when you are undergoing excessive stress, you will resort to irregular eating habits, which will weaken your body system and cause you to be less focused. So continue to study, but ensure that you still maintain a balanced diet to keep you on the ball whenever it is time for you to open your books. Drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.

Ø Sleep early. Burning the midnight oil is actually discouraged because there is a risk of you not being able to get up early and be punctual for the examinations, and a risk of not being able to recollect what you have studied.

Ø Prepare all your stationeries and re-confirm the date, time and venue of your examinations. Do not do your checking at the eleventh hour because that will accumulate the amount of pressure in you, thus affecting your performance during the day itself.

Ø Take deep breaths and relax our mind. Do not ponder too much on it. Just tell yourself that you have given your all. Hard work will always be paid off.

On The Day Of The Examinations…

Ø Leave for school early so that you can avoid road hazards like traffic jams or accidents. You should reach the school earlier than the actual time to warm yourself up a little before your examination commences.

Ø Do have breakfast before leaving to boost your energy.

Ø Do not get too nervous. Read the questions one at a time at a steady pace. If the question is too difficult, move on to the easier questions first so that later on you would have ample time to focus on those difficult ones.

You do not have to be a whiz kid to ace for the examinations. All it takes is a heap of faith in you. So to those of you who are probably immersing yourselves into the examination period, I wish you the best of luck and pluck up your courage to face that ultimate challenge!

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