Save The Sumatran Rhinos

Our team would like to share with you about a very special group of animals that currently is in need of protection from harm. They are the Sumatran rhinos.

The Sumatran rhinos are one out of five species of rhinos that still exist in the animal kingdom. Sadly, the population has been gradually diminishing since a few decades ago because of deforestation.

To date, there are only less than 300 of them that are still surviving in the outskirts of Malaysia and Indonesia. They are now deemed as Malaysia’s most endangered species of animals, and the world’s most endangered species of rhinos.

In view of the danger that has been lurking behind the Sumatran rhinos for too long, Honda and WWF-Malaysia have collaborated to kick off a five-year project called ‘Rhino Rescue Project’, where funds will be raised to provide the rhinos with as much protection as possible. With HMSB’s oath to donate RM5 million to this project, WWF will be able to liaise with its associates to substantiate its efforts to preserve the rhinos and their habitats.

The success of this praiseworthy project does not only lie in the hard work from fund-raising corporations and other partnering organizations, but it also lies in you! You can play a vital role in saving the Sumatran rhinos’ lives and their home.

For all bloggers out there, show your support by displaying the logo on your blog, or by writing a post about the ‘Rhino Rescue Project’. You can also visit Honda’s official website . You will be able to find out more about the Sumatran rhinos and contribute to the project, either by participating in the upcoming fund-raising activities or spread the good word to your fellow friends.

Screenshot of the ‘Honda's Rhino Rescue Project’ web page

A little kindness from you can create a positive impact on the project, and most importantly, make a huge difference to the lives and the habitats of these innocent rhinos. This is an opportunity of a lifetime that you should not miss out on. So show your generous support to help these rhinos lead normal lives again.

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