Tips On Eliminating Cat Urine Stain and Odour

Cats can tickle us with their irresistibly delightful ways, and can make us grin from ear to ear with their purring and mewing. But it becomes an annoyance when they began to relieve themselves in the wrong places!

Yes, we are talking about cats urinating on your household belongings like your furniture or carpet. The stain could be quite easily removed, but removing the odour is definitely a chore. You cannot afford to leave your furniture odiferous because cat urine contains bacterial particles that can infest your belongings and eventually spread to you or anyone who stays with you.

So cat owners, if you are in need of a solution to this problem, here are some tips on how you can get rid of both cat urine stains and odour quickly and effectively:

Ø Do not ever clean the stain using detergents that contain ammonia because a cat’s urine also contains ammonia and using such detergents will add on to the odour. As a matter of fact, it will attract the cat even more to urine at that same spot.

Ø Use a large amount of vinegar and small amount of water to form a strong solution. Rub the solution a little on the stained area, and put a heavy object on the area itself. Do not rub the solution anymore. Wait for the solution to dry up, and then repeat the steps. This time, the solution should be made of lesser amount of vinegar and more water.

Ø Wet the affected area with water and pour baking soda on it. Once it has dried up, remove the baking soda by brushing or vacuuming.

Ø You are strongly encouraged to use detergents that contain peroxide and pour on the area. You can also combine the detergent together with Listerine, as it will cover the odour of the urine. Let the mixture be taken in for five minutes, and then remove the stain. The process is to be repeated till the area is finally clean and odour-free.

Now that the stains and odour have vanished into thin air, you should now take actions to ensure that your cats do not dirty your belongings ever again! So how would you prevent your cats from urinating all over the place?

Ø Place mothballs on that area where your cat likes to urinate. This will make the cat avoid urinating at that area.

Ø If your cat frequently urinates, it could be infected with a urinary tract disease, so do bring it to the vet to be examined. Sometimes its urines due to stress so let it stay in an enclosed and clean area on its own. Cats need to relax too!

Ø Train your cat to urine at the toilet.

Ø If your cat is in favour of a particular area to urinate, blanket the area with a tin foil for the day.

With these tips, you can keep your adorable felines well-behaved, and save yourself from all the trouble of having to put up with the unwanted urine stains and odour coming from them. A good piece of information indeed for those who are intending to keep one!

So cat owners, do not fear, because our tips on eliminating cat urine stains and odour are here.


Mariuca said...

NAFA! You guys are the best! Thanks for this article, am gonna try that vinegar remedy. And the mothball tip is very useful too, never knew that! I hope I can remove the smell from my massage chair, or not how am I gonna relieve my tired muscles from blogging and chatting with u guys all day! LOL! :):):)

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thiamhin said...

nice article....
cat stain really hard to removed

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Mariuca said...

Nafa, this paw picture is totally adorable. Reminds me of Sylvester the cat! MEOW! :)

NAFASG said...

Really? Yeah cat paws are always adorable in their own style. So was Sylvester! =)

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LadyJava said...

Great post. Will definitely try your tips here. Does it work as well for poo? My Anja for some reason has taken a liking to doing her business at the balcony.. hubby is getting berserk over it... help!!



Hello LadyJava...

Glad u like this article. We understand how tough it is if u have a pet doing business all over the place.

U can give these tips a try to clear poo. =)