Caring For Your Vision

Envisage yourself without a vision. Would you be able to move from a place to another, do your paperwork, study, and play with your friends so easily? In your lifetime, you could have stumbled upon a blind person with a stick that lets him or her ‘see’ where he or she is heading. But it is not so simple as it may seem.

So while we still have our precious vision with us, we ought to take good care of it. Eye diseases are becoming more widespread among most of us, as we are relentlessly surrounded by computer screens and other technological gadgets. These diseases could very well attack us, regardless of our ages, if we do not take precautionary measures to sustain healthy eyesight.

Here are the measures you can take for longer protection of your eyesight:

Ø Wear a safety helmet when playing a sport, such as baseball and cricket. When doing water sports, remember to put on your goggles.

Ø Switch on the lights when reading, writing, using your computer or watching television.

Ø Put on sunglasses and hats when the day is sunny. Do not stare directly at the sun as it will cause severe damage to your eyes.

Ø Avoid getting near to sunscreen as it can cause a cutting pain to your eyes.

Ø Wear glasses only when you need to. Do not wear it too often, as it will cause further damages to your eyesight. Do not share your glasses with anyone else or share anyone else’s glasses.

Ø Avoid exposing your eyes to the television or computer screen. This can cause an eye disease called myopia that can even attack children. Do some eye exercises after viewing the screen for quite some time, and give your eyes a brief rest by viewing the greeneries from your bedroom or office window.

Ø When you face eye irritation, do not rub it vigorously. Apply an eye drop and close your eyes for the eye drop to be absorbed. If your eye is still sore, visit the nearest clinic and the doctor will prescribe a more effective eye drop for you.

Your eye is by far the most important sense organ as it aids you in carrying out your daily activities. The blind would be given special toolkits to facilitate them in their daily activities. Still, it is an organ that we must treasure and care for as long as it is still functioning normally. If you need more advice, you can always rely on consultation from optometrists to guide you along.

So start taking care of your eyesight today! For parents, ‘keep an eye’ on your child’s eyesight too. Remember, early prevention is better than cure.


J@n!ce said...

I'm actually quite scare of pple mentioning about things related to eyes. I'm a 4-eye-ded mah. I 'damaged' my eyes since young & has been on specs since pro 3 leh... sob sob !!

I'm virtually blind without my glasses :(

This is a good post to remind us once again to take care of you vision :)

Jean Chia said...

hi nafa! great post. thanks for the tips. I really need to take care of my eyes to prevent further damage as I am also like Janice, a four eye-ded gal! :)

bliss weddings said...

this is really helpful for me, thanks for sharing the article :)

NAFASG said...

Hi Jean and Jan...

Oh we had no idea that both of u are wearing glasses. U both sure look cute in it! But don't be sad abt wearing glasses ok? It happens at times, but it's still not too late for u to take care of your eyesight.

Hi Bliss Weddings...

Thanks for dropping by! Glad that our article can be of help for u. =)