The Pirated CD/DVD Phenomenon

How Pirated CD/DVDs Affect The Society Today

There has been a rise in the selling and trading of pirated CD/DVD. There have been cases of pirated DVD dealers being caught red-handed in many parts of the world, including Asian countries. This has become visible to us, but what seems to keep us thinking is how such a trade creates an impact on the society globally.

I gathered some research from an Internet article pertaining to the pirated CD/DVD craze in Asia. Based on this situation, there are some hypotheses that we can derive from such activities.

First of all, the existence of pirated CD/DVD actually gives a sense of satisfaction for the lower class. Since pirated CD/DVD are sold at cheaper prices, this can give the lower class an opportunity to possess a belonging that usually only the upper class could get hold of and pay for.

With the existence of these CD/DVD, a social re-distribution has occurred, whereby both the upper and lower class on the community can enjoy economical and social stabilities.

Secondly, the pirated CD/DVD trade promotes cultural dissemination, where communities of different cultural backgrounds come together with one ultimate goal of consuming pirated CD/DVD.

From the article on the CD/DVD phenomenon in Asia, it is discovered that among these CD/DVDs are not only CD/DVD of Westernized movies, but also, episodic dramas from the Asian region that people can also enjoy in the comfort of their home. Therefore, this trade actually unites a society that is normally made up of various cultures, which can contribute to the boost of economy, cultural understanding, and political status.

Thirdly, these products bring about consumerism in both classes of people. The affordable prices make the lower class be more intrepid in purchasing them. With the consumption of these products, there would be an increasing consumption of goods from both classes, thus enhancing the economical status.

The hypotheses derived sound positive, but how long can the society be left unprotected from possessing a belonging that is illegal? Don’t you think there would be a possibility of a corrupted society being developed from such illegal activities?

Think about the original publishers of the million-dollar movies who have put their heart and soul into their productions just to discover that their productions have been illegally duplicated and watched. Most importantly, think about yourself if you immerse into consuming pirated CD/DVDs.

Won’t that reflect on the person you are in the eyes of law, and even individuals in the society who are against this practice?
Do your part in protecting your community.

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