Tips On Losing Weight

The issue of losing weight is the talk of the town. Men and women, young or old, can chat about it all day long. Many a times people are under the spell of crash diets and sudden outburst of extremely vigorous exercises. This is an absolutely grave mistake! You should never, ever resort to this. You are going to cause more harm to yourself.

Crash diets make you lose carbohydrates and water, instead of fats. Your body system will sense your starvation, which decreases your metabolic rate. That would not help you burn any of your fats. In fact, more fats will accumulate, which explicates why doing this would cause more harm to you.

Losing weight needs to be done in a healthily manner. It should also be done such that your body will not weaken due to lack of food intake.

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ü Practise replacing your food rather than slashing them. For instance, if you are a fanatic of potato chips, you should go for potato chips with lesser calories. In this way, you are making an effort to lose weight, yet can still enjoy your all time favourite snack.

ü Avoid carbonated drinks, and even whole milk and diet sodas. It is all right to consume fruit juices, but they can also contribute to your calorie intake. The best drink to consume is eight glasses of plain water a day! As for milk, you can opt for skim milk or soybean milk rather than a whole milk.

ü Make it a habit to exercise or get more physically active. Someone who moves the can lose the calories more healthily and easily, compared to an immobile person.

ü Make gradual changes to your dieting. A radical change in your dieting will weaken your body system and can sometimes result in body complications like anemia. Smaller changes will still make differences to your body weight.

ü Avoid over-eating. Once you are full, stop eating. Let your digestive system absorb the food you consume to break them down into nutrients.

ü Do not completely cancel out fatty food. Fats are required by the body to gain energy. Therefore, continue to consume fats but consume them at a reasonable amount.

ü Be committed to your goal of losing weight. Do not give up halfway through. Smaller changes to your diet should not make you feel dejected about losing weight.

Read through and mull over these tips. And remember, even when trying to lose weight, ensure that you will still take good care of your health.

It is pointless being thin and yet having to undergo health complications and not enjoying yourself eventually. Take note of it. Enjoy reading this and good luck in your pursuit of keeping trim and fit!

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Mariuca said...

Yes... commitment & willpower is what I need and am lacking in that area! :(

Ok, back to my diet tomorrow Nafa LOL! :)

NAFASG said...

Hey Marzie!

Yeah u need to stay committed when doing this. But er...u sure u need all that? Coz i dont think u have much of a problem with your weight...

J@n!ce said...

So coincident that marzie & I are talking about this topic yesterday & its seems that great minds think alike :) :)

Thanks for the good post. I will skip my lunch. hehe ;p

NAFASG said...

Oh no Jan! Don't be like carefully, do not go into crash diets!

U can still eat lunch but maybe u can incorporate healthier choices in your dish. I remember seeing lots of dishes in your blog, u got very healthy dishes there! U can eat them. =)

self help hypnosis said...

There are so many tools to help lose weight now. I quit my bad habits a couple of years ago and have never felt better - and that was after 25 years of smoking and over eating. If I can do it anyone can! Good luck :)

NAFASG said...

Hi Self Help Hypnosis...

Wow that is an absolutely motivating one from u. U have done a great job in encouraging yourself to be the healthy person u are. Well done!

So everybody, take Hypnosis' word for it. Self motivation can help u pull through your weight and health problems. =)