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Ten Magical Tricks In Essay Writing

It is believed that it takes a person who is extremely passionate in writing to be able to produce first-class essays. But that does not entail that those with zero passion to write would be producing shoddy ones!

Actually, the glitch that a person can experience in essay writing is the lack of commitment in the essay rather than the disability to produce one. In fact, it is the deficiency in the commitment that results in the disability to produce a great one. So all in all, how well it turns out lies in your hands!

You are capable of producing a highly rated composition. All you have to do is to put yourself to dedicate your time and effort to it.

So readers, put on your magician hats and learn the ten tricks of essay writing…

1. Understand the requirements in the instructions given. It is important that your content is relevant to the requirements. What is the use of having a wider vocabulary range and excellent grammatical knowledge when you are unable to follow the instructions? So take note of this. In order to facilitate your understanding, you can break up the instructions into points.

2. Spend time thinking about the requirements. Have a good grasp of the instructions and jot down essential questions that you can ask yourself, based on the requirements.

3. Plan your essay first. Do not simply thrust yourself into the essay without proper planning. You may see yourself getting stuck halfway or earlier than halfway through it. Map your relevant ideas. Besides mapping, you can make use of diagrams or tables that can help segregate those ideas. Segregating will actually ease your workload.

4. Write an outline. Break up your draft into three parts: introduction, body and conclusion. By writing an outline, it gives you the opportunity to review and amend when necessary.

5. Check for vocabulary and grammatical errors. Also, check for erroneous spelling or punctuation usage. Most importantly, verify that your content is appropriate for inclusion in the final essay.

6. Give yourself a day to ponder and finalize it. You can even think about it in your sleep! However, if you are only given the day itself to reflect on it, you will need to be a little quicker in your finalizing.

7. Confirm the final draft. Whether you are given a day to do so or not, you will eventually have to make your decision final. Execute your last check before you finally insert it in the form of your actual essay.

8. Ensure that you meet the dates when the essay is due for submission. If you are unable to do so, inform your teacher about it. You can even request for assistance from the teacher if you have some problems to your essay, which cause the delay for your submission. On the contrary, if you have to submit it on the day itself, you got to write at a faster pace.

9. Listen to your teachers’ or friends’ opinions on your essay, and learn from those opinions. Gather all your strengths and weaknesses. These will help you improve on your skills in essay writing, thus producing a much better essay than before.

10. Be confident of your current technique in constructing an essay. You need not adapt to a totally different approach for it, but make improvements to make your future essays of higher quality than ever.

These are the ‘magic tricks’ of essay writing that anybody, especially teachers and students, can learn and master. What matters is your fullest commitment to them!

By following these tips, you can even find yourself pursuing into writing and publishing your very own book in future!

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J@n!ce said...

Essay writing used to be one of the papers that I feared. I am relieved that all is OVER now. Gone are the days...hehe ;p

Fajar Nugraha said...

this one indeed what I'm looking for! thanks for posting this worth article

NAFASG said...

Hi Janice! Ya i did not like essays too back then. But look at us! We are becoming aspiring writers seen in our blogs! Hehe!

Hi Fajar...

Great to hear that this is what u have been looking for all the while. Thanks for dropping by! =)

Mariuca said...

I loved writing essays during school and uni! ;)

Thanks for this refresher course Nafa! Every once in a while it's good to recall the stuff that I sometimes take for granted when it comes to writing, nice post! :):):)

NAFASG said...

Thanks Marzie! Glad to be at your service Madame... =)

I can tell that from u because of the way u write your articles in your blog. Very wide range of vocabulary that u use, and u can really express yourself. I am very impressed with u! =)

Mariuca said...

NAFA! Impressed with lil' old me? HUGS for u NAFA!! Ha ha ha...thanks for the compliment! NAFA is the best, hear that peeps?!!!

NAFASG said...

Yeah we all heard that!

Everyone at Nafa, say thank u to Marzie...