O2 Cocoon

Are you ready for another avant-garde product in the ever-changing world of technology? Better be because here comes the latest technological invention, which you can also call your ‘nest’. Yes, the O2 Cocoon!

Even when you have flown over to slumber land, O2 Cocoon will still keep its eyes wide open. It comes together with its nest, so when you put it on the nest, it will charge the battery life, and even change into an alarm clock. It has an integrated LED lighting that allows the time to be visible all through the night.

The alarm sound can be set to your favourite tunes so when the alarm rings, you will be waking up feeling fresher with your soothing tunes accompanying you. You can choose to press ‘snooze’ or continue listening to the alarm song, while the nest is charging it. The most attractive part of this feature is that when you wake up, you will see a message display greeting you with a ‘GOOD MORNING’ or ‘HELLO’. A warm and welcoming companion to start off your day!

The speakers can be changed into stereo for you and everybody else to groove to the music. If you want to listen to the songs without interruptions from the phone calls or messages, you can set it to ‘Cocoon Mode’. You will have the time of your life listening to your favourite music without being bugged by calls or messages!

The O2 Cocoon lets the music heal your soul all the time. Its MP3 player uses music keys to manage your music whether the phone is opened or closed. You will come across a built-in FM Radio for you to listen to the radio even though you are away from home or your car, using headphones that utilize the adapter to be plugged in.

You can go on playing the music for as long as 15 hours and lower the volume of or stop the music if you receive incoming calls or messages. The music library can save up to 500 high definition songs, and will show the list of tracks based on the albums. You can also opt for creation of your own play list right here!

The O2 Cocoon also has a built-in camera with a resolution of 2 mega pixels and has amazing photo taking capabilities like flash, zoom, auto focus and self-timer functions. It can even transform into a video camera for you to take both photos and videos of your favourite moments! The photos taken can be stored in the O2 Cocoon’s library for your viewing anywhere and any time. There are so many screensavers and wallpapers that you can choose from to set as background, any time you want to.

Other features of this groundbreaking innovation include:

§ Organizer of data by installing the PC Suite® software from the CD for synchronization

§ Calculator where you can calculate and also convert a unit of measurement or currency to another

§ Memory stick that you can synchronize with your PC to transfer and store your important data, using USB cable or Bluetooth®

§ Games like Tetris and Sims2, and many other games that you can download from the O2 Game Arcade.

§ Headset for you to make hands-free calls.

With the O2 Cocoon, you can also personalize your phone settings by changing the greetings, fonts and colours of the icons on the homepage screen, save contacts with images for contacting more easily, including a thumbnail photo alongside the contacts to view who are calling or messaging, and assigning different ringtones to different contacts!

The O2 Cocoon is the mobile phone that connects to the user by sending greetings and providing timely information. A good friend indeed!

So keep yourself in the loop on the date of release of this state-of-the-art mobile phone in your country, because it could be sooner than you think!

O2 Cocoon, the virtual friend to keep for a lifetime!

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