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Claudio said...

Hey... I liked the blog, it has a great image, really clean and professional.

For my taste there are too many ads, but as I always say, thats personal taste and nothing else.

Loved your article on trouble free credit experience.
you have to be very careful with those credit cards!!

Thanks for sharing

NAFASG said...

Hi claudio...

Thanks for pouring in your comments. We greatly appreciate it! Abt the ads, yes we do take your feedback into consideration. It is good that you bring it up, so that we can continue to make improvements and give all of u the best! =)

I am also glad that u liked our article on credit cards. Hope it has brought ample education for u on the importance of careful usage of credit cards. We will post more of such informative articles, so look out for them ok?

Thanks for dropping by. Looking forward to your next visit here. Have a nice day! =)

Mariuca said...

Nice review Nafa, I wanna be fab too! :)

NAFASG said...

Hi Marzie!!

Yeah which lady doesnt want to be right? Let us all ladies unite and pull the heart strings of the guys with our fabulous ways shall we? ;p

Mariuca said...

He he Lady Nafa, u are very cute and "naughty"! :)

NAFASG said...

Hehe! U are also cute and 'naughty'! Always want Reese's chocolates from me. Hehehe! ;p