Blogging Etiquettes

Blogging is a huge topic. Whenever one talks about it, one would not know where to begin. But what we should know is that in blogging, etiquettes really matter.

Sometimes we undervalue the importance of etiquettes that were instilled in us since our childhood days, but in life, such valuable teachings do go a long way.And here we are now in a world where etiquettes should never be left derelict.

So bloggers, we urge you to refer to the list of blogging etiquettes shown below and edify yourselves on what constitutes ethical blogging:

Ø A blog is meant to be informative. The primary purpose of blogging is actually to share useful tips and information that can benefit the society. This is most appropriate for a healthier and more decent blogging experience.

Ø What you post will be visible not only to your eyes, but also to the eyes of the whole entire world. Ponder on this! Would you be so naïve to make strangers from across the globe find out about your private life? And wouldn’t you mind turning your private life into headline news? If you really need to pour out something that is bothering your private life, keep it within the radius of where you are dwelling. If you wish to vent your anger, opt for any way of doing so except blogging about it.

Ø Blogging is supposed to connect the global community and foster healthy interaction where we can all learn from each other. Sadly, we have seen that some bloggers take advantage of blogging to counter attack each other with unconstructive criticisms. Yes, it is fine for all to accept criticisms because criticisms are the ones that make us progress further, but criticisms that are deliberately and publicly posted to display spitefulness are strongly discouraged.

Ø If you are involve in a link exchange, do inform your readers or those that link to your site that your site has undergo a major construction so those that link to you are able to take note. In this way, misunderstandings will not occur.

Ø Always show your appreciation to your fellow readers. They are the ones who can bring you further in the blogosphere. So whenever they send comments on your articles or your blog, do give simple thank-you notes that come from your heart.

Ø Never let your high standing in Technorati ranking and Google Page ranking transform you into a bigheaded blogger, who becomes picky on the choice of bloggers to be linked.

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We have been under the impression that chauvinism and resentment are only present in the corporate world, but little do we know that at times, they do exist in the blogging world.

Recently, our blog had been mistakenly labeled as an ‘Ad Bot’. Click here to find out more on Adbot.

A blogger that goes by the name of Shale had spread unpleasant rumours about our blog, stating that our principal intention of carrying out link exchanges to other blogs is to lure bloggers into buying the advertisements placed in our blog. As a result, lately, we have had some bloggers removing our blog link from their sites.

This is not a healthy blogging experience for any blogger who faces the same fate as our team. Hence, we hope that Shale would re-consider his current perception of our blog and stop spreading these unpleasant rumours to other bloggers.

The primary purpose for our setting up of this blog is nothing else but to sincerely share useful tips and information that can benefit our readers, and foster effective communication between people in every part of the world.

To all the bloggers out there, let us all put our hands together, put unethical blogging to a stop, and create a friendly and colorful blogosphere that we would want to live in for the rest of our lives.

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Thank you.


Mariuca said...

OMG NAFA!!! I fell asleep just now and I just woke up and saw ur msg so I quickly came over and this made my sleepiness go away instantly!! YAY.... Am so happy to see me, Bobby, Jean and Jan all here together! This IS a wonderful surprise! LOVE YA NAFA!!

Nafa, I read the definition of Ad Bot. You guys are so NOT one!!! Don't fret Nafa, we, your loyal visitors will keep on visiting and enjoying ur site cause you guys are awesome. Thanks for your DAILY articles, your hospitality whenever we visit (all the coffee, cookies and chats), your kindness in helping others (for my cat article), your well-written posts (perfect grammar and spelling, your extra perks (babysitting services for Benji and the rest!)and who can forget your soothing tunes?!! We love Nafa and we are here to stay! HUGS for everyone here and keep up the excellent job! Two thumbs up for NAFA! :):):)

Jean Chia said...

hi nafa! don't worry about Shale. Of coz NafaSg is not an Adbot. You peeps are frendly and great! Remember, my smooch award! I would not hv given the award to some adbot. Haha.. that's absurd. Keep the way you are! oh, btw, im still working on your buttons. I've found a suitable dollies for you peeps. :))

actually, you can get my cute buttons at my blog:

Take care & Stay cheerful,k! *mmuaaks*

Jean Chia said...

yay!! u peeps are the best!! love my cutie angel!! hehe.. i think you are the first to link me with this angel. My angel love to hang around with great peeps like u! Thanks! :)

NAFASG said...

Hey Marzie and Jean...

Words are actually not enough for us to express how thankful we are to u guys. We would never be where we are today if not for wonderful people like u both. Your kindness and support for our team will forever be in our minds and our hearts. *sobs*

Again, thanks so much, and rest assured, we will always be there for u guys in every step of the way, just like what u have done for us. Marzie and Jean, u rock!!!=)

Bobby said...

Nafa, I am so grateful that you are seeing and understanding how we are all part of a movement in blogging that will ultimately change everything. We are doing it for the right reasons and proving that honesty, friendship, integrity and happiness should replace the greed, oppression,heartless ideals that seem to be in charge. Those are things to be ashamed of, not desired. I respect your willingness to evolve as a business and friend and I hope you become the standard to look up to. I am not really teaching blog tips - I am helping people grow and be good. Promoting peace, love, trust and all the things the human race should take responsibility for. I don't criticize evil and war - I promote the good. Complaining and pointing fingers at all we dislike doesn't help. Spreading love and goodness is much more powerful. Thank you Nafa, I will never forget this. I have goodness on the way:)

J@n!ce said...

I came over after seeing your shout. I cant believe that pple are spreading such things claiming your blog is adbot. That is hilarious. I love all your articles & your team are a friendly bunch of pple. Thanks for the link over to my blog. As far as I know, you are the 3rd one to use that pic link of me & my 2 boys. hehe... ;p

I WILL always SUPPORT you.

NAFASG ROCKsssssssss :) :)

Anonymous said...

ugh, sorry if any misunderstandings happened, but I'll need some time!

Will surely get back to you

Adam said...

Sorry to hear about that. I guess that person has some bias towards blogs carrying ads.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for adding me.

I really like what you have to say here. I agree one hundred percent! (And disagree with Shale completely!!)

Would you mind if I put up a link to you? I think this is a great site!

~Sandy G.

Suray - Suray's Words - SurayBlog said...

For me, blogging is:

Mariuca said...

Yay, more support for the lovely NAFA team! See NAFA, don't worry, we smart and friendly bloggers all know ur no Ad Bot! :):):)

NAFASG said...

Hello everyone!!!

U guys have been wonderful. Thanks for all your support! We will continue to strive for excellence in our blog and give u guys more informative articles for all of u to benefit from. =)

Joel, i know that false message was conveyed personally to u, which explains why u need some time. No matter what, u are always welcomed to visit our site. =)

Thank to all of u from the bottom of our hearts. *hugs*

fattien said...

I think Shale this person jeoulouslah....lolz

NAFASG said...

Hey Fattien...

Hehe! I hope that is the reason. Nothing more than that! But instead of being jealous, we should just learn more abt other people's blogs, see how they manage to gain attention from others, and then make improvements to our blog. =)

thiamhin said...

this blog is not adbot....
juz bcoz there r some ads and selling doesnt make this an adbot...
i really like thi sblog bcoz of the tips and thought that can be shared...
keep up the blog...

NAFASG said...

Hi Thiamhin...

Thank u so much for your support. Really appreciate it! We will continue to give the best for all our wonderful readers like u. =)

NAFASG said...

Hi Sandy, Thanks for your support

I have already linked you up in my networking partners and also left a comment on your post to find your friend. Let me know of the outcome and decision.

Thanks Sandy.
Have a nice day

joezul said...

Hi guys,

well, from my observation, that shale guy is just doing this as a cheap publicity stunt. It's really is sad when the sanctity and the openness of the web got abused like this.

You guys are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up. I am honoured to be one of your friends.

NAFASG said...

Hey Joezul...

Thanks for your kind support and faith in us. It means so much to us! We would not be where we are today if not for all our amazing blogger friends, including u.

Thank u so much! It was also a great pleasure supporting the movement for the Sumatran Rhinos together with u. =)

MakeTraffic said...

Hi Nafa, A very good post! You have my full support. To show my support, i have refer to this post in my following post. Cheers!

NAFASG said...

Hi MT,

We can't thank you much for your kind wonderful support. Thank you. =)

Rolando said...

Great tips NAFA! If my dad were a blogger, he'd also add, 'Use common sense', hahaha.

NAFASG said...

Hello Rolando...

Yeah good one there! Some people just need to have their senses knocked. Hehe! Thanks for reading this. =)

princezz said...

hi...i just want to ask permission to repost this part of ur entry on my facebook blog:
"Blogging is supposed to connect the global community and foster healthy interaction where we can all learn from each other. Sadly, we have seen that some bloggers take advantage of blogging to counter attack each other with unconstructive criticisms. Yes, it is fine for all to accept criticisms because criticisms are the ones that make us progress further, but criticisms that are deliberately and publicly posted to display spitefulness are strongly discouraged."

recently our office is being attacked publicly through facebook and i just want to post something that is short of tell the person concerned to shut up.

i hope it'll be ok..thank u :)

NafaSg said...

Hi princezz,

Thanks for dropping by.

Yes, of course, you can repost this part of our entry on your facebook blog.

Give us some credits by linking it to our blog of the post, will ya?

Thanks =)