Stay Protected From Dengue Fever

"If They Breed, You'll Bleed"

Dengue fever is an illness resulted from the harmful germs that are spread by the Aedes mosquito, and can strike upon both children and adults.
A person who is struck by dengue fever would undergo serious flu along with extremely high fever of about 39°C or more.

It does not necessarily lead to death, but if it is left untreated, it can develop into a higher degree of dengue fever, also known as dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF). DHF can result in severe bleeding and stomach upset, and eventually, can become fatal.

The ultimate solution for effectual prevention of dengue fever is to be protected from an influx of insects, particularly mosquitoes. So some things are needed to be done to your surrounding area so that you, your home and your family will be shielded from these pests. Here are some ways to avert dengue fever:

Ø Do not abandon your water containers in your garden. Keep the containers sealed to prevent the insects from entering.

Ø Keep fishes or marine creatures that feed on the larvae of the mosquitoes, like guppies. This can reduce the number of mosquito larvae developing into the adult mosquitoes and breeding in your house.

Ø Apply chemical solutions in areas filled with water like ponds, drains and fish tanks.

Ø Get rid of trash and unwanted items from your garden.

Ø Grassy garden plots should be vaporized frequently, particularly during the monsoon season.

Ø Mosquito nets should be placed in the area of your house where mosquitoes have the tendency to breed. These should especially be placed in your bedroom so that you can sleep soundly. Babies should be sheltered from mosquitoes by putting them on a cot or making use of a pram cover.

Ø If you are passing by or entering your garden, wear a long sleeved and light coloured outfit to keep you safe from being bitten.

Ø Insect repellants can be utilized, but ensure that the smell of the repellants do not spread to the areas where your children or elderly family members are sitting.

Ø People diagnosed with dengue fever should refrain from mosquitoes to prevent the disease from diffusing.

Readers do not let these wretched pests reign your life and your loved ones’ lives, for good. So be on guard! And together, we can live life free from this detrimental disease.

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