Keeping Your Digestive System Healthy

Our body is made up of different systems. Without these systems, our body would be nothing but an immobile object. One of the systems that we would like to touch on right now is the Digestive System.

The digestive system aids in digestion of the food we consume in our daily lives. Imagine how bloated your stomach would be if all those food you eat have been occupying your stomach for years without being digested!

That is how important the system is. In digestion, the food that we guzzle will enter the small intestine and be broken down into smaller substances that will transform into nutrients circling our body. Some of the food will be left undigested, but that does not mean it will be stored in our stomach forever. The undigested food will enter the large intestine, be removed from our body system and convert to waste.

At times, our digestive systems may encounter some setbacks while carrying out the process of digestion. One of them is constipation. When someone faces constipation, he or she is not able to excrete the unwanted waste from the stomach easily, leaving the undigested food to be kept in the stomach for too long. This can affect digestion of other food intakes that are continuously entering your stomach, and can even result in tummy aches.

Another setback is diarrhea, a problem of wanting to remove the waste too frequently. This can be caused by the irregularity in the duration of the digestion process. In other words, the digestion of food takes place too fast.
We need to make certain that our digestive system is digesting our food and removing undigested waste in a timely manner, and make sure the system is constantly in a healthy state. We can take control of all that by taking note of the points below:

Ø Incorporate a healthy diet. Eat more body building food like fish, meat, eggs, nuts and beans to build up your muscles in the digestive system. You should also not neglect food like rice and fatty food to provide the energy you need. Most importantly, consume more fruits and vegetables! This group of food contains fibre that aids in digestion and prevents constipation.

Ø Eat at regular basis. Do not skip meals as your digestive system may become ineffective. At the same time, do not consume too much food in a day as that will cause congestion in your digestive system.

Ø Remember to eat your breakfast because breakfast is the key meal that gets your digestive system working well.

Ø Eat your meals with a smile. Scientifically, being happy when eating can contribute to the well being of your digestive system. When you feel upset while taking your meals, the acid in your stomach will develop in your small intestines, which can cause clogging in the intestine and even lead to wounds. Anyway, why should you not be grinning from ear to ear when you are eating?

Ø Always count on food that can be easily digested like fruits and vegetables, and soft textured food.

Take good care of your digestive system, and remember that emotions play an integral part in the system too. So read these tips and keep your digestive systems functioning effectively to create a healthier you!

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