What Constitutes An Excellent Teacher?

A big HELLO to everyone, and to yet another bright day today! Well among the readers of this humble blog, I am pretty sure there are some of you who are teachers or aspiring to be teachers.

Any kind of teacher, be it a school teacher, music teacher, or a speech and drama teacher. It does not matter what you wish to specialize in, but what matters is that all of you current teachers and teachers-to-be would want to aim towards one ultimate goal ----> excellence!

Being a teacher is a tough job. Yes, I do understand how it feels because I am still pursuing this line. It sounds easier said than done trying to get the kids' attention when you are producing all that sound energy from your voice box to spread the particular knowledge. But believe me, it is not! So, how can a teacher be an excellent teacher?

Here is a little something that you may want to take note!

1. The basis of grooming yourself into an excellent teacher is that you need to be academically sound, In other words, you should be knowledgeable. The next thing you should possess is that willingness to help others achieve their best, just like how you would achieve yours. In other words, you should NOT be selfish!

2. You need a great amount of patience. You will encounter a variety of students. Some are simply brilliant, some are mediocre, but others have extremely slow grasp of the information. So it takes lots of patience to tackle the diferrent kinds of students around you. An excellent teacher will dedicate even his or her break time just to guide those who are in need of help.

3. When explaining, it is more favourable to disseminate the information using simple terms, especially in subjects like Mathematics. You need not make use of complicated jargons that can further complicate them. Remember, as a teacher, you are to show your knowledgeability factor, but you do not need to show your 'know-it-all' attitude. Also, it is alright to learn from your students. If you can look at it positively, if the student knows something that you probably do not know, that student is on his or her way to excellence, and that would relief you from having to pay too much attention to him or her.

4. A teacher also needs to pay attention just like the students. The difference is that the teacher pays attention to the strengths and the weaknesses of the students. Be alert while teaching, and if need be, give a little extra help to them.

5. You have the right to show your authority over your kids, especially when disciplinary issues are concerned. But whenever possible, be a friend to them. Kids tend to look up to a teacher whom they are not afraid to ask questions or relate anything to. Give them some space, and they would give you all the attention you need!

Hey, if there is any other information that you would like to add on, it is just one click away. Let us all teachers learn from each other, because remember, teachers play a part in moulding the kids of today into citizens of tomorrow.


Jean Chia said...

hi nafa. great tips. you must hv tonne of patiences being a teacher. :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Jean, yeah I 100% agree with you on that. Thanks for your comments!

mr fong said...

Youare very kind nafa.I just came by and immediately got hooked with this post.Omg.Haha,thanks for the tips.

NAFASG said...

Hi Mr Fong,

Wow!!! Hooked on it? Thanks a lot. :D Great to hear that.

By the way, are you a teacher?