Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, or FDM in short, is a free-of-charge downloading agent that you can depend on for convenient downloading. Let me share with you why FDM is the trusted downloading manager for all!

With FDM, you can download files and websites easily from any remote server, whether via HTTP, HTTPS or FTP. It is so simple to use because of its user-friendliness, and is equipped with a variety of high-level capabilities. It can act as a site manager, accelerator, site explorer and scheduler.

As a site manager, FDM saves the users' time and money. How? First of all, it can help detect whether the file downloaded is supported by servers and will prompt you if it is not supported at all, which will save you all the dollars that you could have spent for a file that is not worth downloading in the first place. And second of all, it allows the user to resume the download that was interrupted halfway through the process, meaning that the downloading would start from the point of time when it was disrupted, rather than starting from scratch which can be a waste of time.

Speaking of time, as mentioned earlier, FDM also acts as an accelerator, which speeds up the duration. How is that possible? If you are dowloading multiple files, it will divide the files into segments, thus allowing the downloading to be done concurrently. Using FDM, the speed can be raised up to 600%! Astonishing isn't it?

As a scheduler, FDM is an effective assistant in specifying the time for the various PC operations to take place, such as the time to disconnect from the Internet, to close a program and to shut down the computer. The software is usable on automatic mode.

FDM is also a trusty site explorer, whereby users can view a number of web pages at a faster rate, even if the Internet connection is low. This is because FDM can help adjust traffic usages, which normally interferes the connection to webpages. So with this software, you will enjoy Internet surfing without unnecessary trafficking problems!

Now let me share with you something new that FDM has to offer to everyone, including the exisiting users. FDM now serves as a software for communication. Now, users can chat with other users and learn more about the safest donwloading that can be done and those that are strongly discouraged, from each other. Plus, everyone can express his or her opinions on the downloaded files! It surely makes users gain sufficient knowledge on the right kind of downloading, thus making it a fruitful experience for all.

Take note! In order to use this amazing software application, you need to ensure that the stated operating system is installed in your PC:

Microsoft Windows 9x/ME/2000/2003/XP/Vista (build 6000)
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So get your Free Download Manager right now, because it works!

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