Microsoft Surface

A ScreenShot Of The Amazing Microsoft Surface

If all of you think that Microsoft has already introduced to us enough of its amazing innovations, well...prepare to be mesmerized again!

More mesmerized than ever, because here comes Microsoft Surface. This is, by far, the greatest wonder of Microsoft ever..Microsoft Surface is magical. It makes you feel like a wizard. Why? Because with Microsoft Surface, you will see yourself moving all the objects in your tabletop...with only your fingers! Just like a wizard isn't it?!

Yes, instead of the mouse or the keyboard taking control, it is your fingers that will control everything!
Microsoft Surface is so powerful.

It lets you create your own digital experience. You can make a picture look bigger, tap on the video you want to watch, discover the geographical location of the place you are searching for on the map, and even order your favourite meal or drink in the menu...simply by using the tip of your finger! Amazing!!!

Check this out too. Place your glass of drink on the tabletop, and you will discover the drink 'joining in the conversation' between you and your friends. Place your mobile phone on it, and you will see the mobile phone 'introducing' itself to you. All these can only be made possible with the power of Microsoft Surface.

Speaking of mobile phones, Microsoft Surface is the mighty king of synchronization. Picture this! Instead of plugging your USB cable wire to synchronize your files or pictures from your computer to your mobile phone, all you need to do is use your own finger, place your mobile phone on the tabletop, and shift the items to your mobile phone, and.... VUALA!

Unbelievable isn't it? In time to come, the cash register may very well transform into a tabletop where all the items you purchase would be transferred into your credit cards, all with nothing else but the finger! And that settles your credit card transactions.
Oh my! It is too good to be true!!!

Without a doubt, technology is so powerful. Microsoft Surface is one living proof of the power of it that is beyond measure. The Microsoft Surface experience is one you have to see to believe it.
So go for it!

This is your chance to touch the digital world with your own hands!!!


rlowe1980 said...

I was checking this out last week and it does look pretty smooth.. it looks like something from a sci-fi movie..

however, i dont really think that MS Surface is a big jump in technology.. It is pretty interesting how your drinks can introduce themselves to you. it's cool how you can click and drag files to mobile devices with your fingers.. but it's really just a jump in convenience.

it's kind of like the I-Phone.. it really doesn't do anything more that a normal phone can do (store files, browse web, etc.). it's just a nice, more expensive way of doing things that are already possible with technology.. of course i dont know too much about either of these products so i could be wrong..

it's still cool though

NafaSg said...

Hi rlowe1980,

Glad to hear from you. I'm cool with it. To each his own yeah? Thanks for your comments! Have a nice day. =)