Tips To Make Your Partner Love You Today…And Every Day…

Being in love is bliss. Every one of you here would wish to throw yourself into it. Just envisage the butterflies in your stomach when you fall in love with someone for the first time, and how much you do not want that moment to end.

That hypothetically marks the beginning of a powerful bond being created by two people who have been head over heels for each other. Unfortunately…that may not sum up the relationship you wish to get yourselves into.

And that sparkling jiffy does not affirm the everlasting love that it should be…So here is the question of the day, “How can I make my relationship stay intact forever?”

The primary hurdle in a relationship is the inborn difference between a man and a woman. Well, as the saying goes, one man’s meat is another man’s poison. What a man likes may not be well liked by the woman, and vice versa. So the key to winning each other’s heart at all times…is by understanding the needs and wants of the opposite sex.

Here are some tips for both the men and the women to take note:

1. It is alright for a man to be short-tempered, but only if there is a valid reason to back that up, such as if you have found out that your girlfriend is evidently betraying you. Sometimes a man likes to make the girlfriend the ‘punching bag’ after a bad day. Still, try to grip hold of yourself. You can always talk it out, and rest assured, she would give you her listening ear.

2. A woman can get so carried away by her emotions that she may flout the fact that the man needs to be emotionally comforted too. So if you know that he is facing a calamity and needs to be heard, try to set aside your problems first and help him out. You must take into account that his problem may be bigger than yours, and that these problems may turn him into someone you do not wish to see. So give him some space. And then when he feels a little bit better, you are all set to tell yours to him.

3. A woman would never ask for anything more than just love, attention and empathy. So to the man, try to look at these aspects as something that is not such a big burden to carry. After all, they do not cost you money. All you need to do is just spend a little time making her smile.

4. This is especially a great idea for the woman. Cook something! Because your cooking can make the relationship go a long way. After all, the key to his heart is by filling his empty stomach.

5. The woman should put a smile on the face. A woman’s smile can bring peace to the heart and mind. And if the man gets to see it, it would brighten up his darker moments.

6. With the presence of technology, there is not much of an excuse for you not to make a call or send a text message. Set aside just a few seconds or minutes off your busy time, and that would make his or her day and night complete.

7. When one turns into fire, the other should be the water to put the fire out. Yes! That is so vital, and would be pleasing to each other.

8. Come what may, just stick with each other. Both of you will feel lucky to have each other and make you just want to be with each other for life.

Now those are what it takes to keep the relationship rolling! To all couples, may your love life stay strong and blissful till the end of time!

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Mariuca said...

Nafa! I will practice number 4 more often! ;)