My Trusty Friend; Always With Me Anywhere I Go…
Meet my pocket-sized friend, the HP IPAQ rw6828!

This friend of mine allows me to gain access to the Internet and my emails when I am away from home. This is possible because of the Wi-Fi capabilities that make Internet accessible wirelessly.

Image of HP IPAQ rw6828

This also allows me to send any email that I need to send urgently! Even Pocket MSN is built-in for you to chat with your contacts.
Based on the image, one can see that it is large-screened and is more small-sized and handy than any other smart phones that you can see around you.

It is well equipped with many functions that would make up an ideal mobile phone for anyone. It has Windows Media Player and FM Radio designed to keep you entertained wherever you go and whatever you do.

For those who wish to store important information, you can always rely on the pocket-sized Microsoft applications like Windows, Excel and PowerPoint and save them in the folder provided.

And if you need to transfer them to your PC, all you need to do is plug your USB cable wire into the USB slot, and your files are ready to be synchronized!

The same can be done if you wish to transfer your favourite videos and pictures.
Basically, this phone produces high-quality performance and its battery life is impressive. It is very practical to own such a phone especially when multimedia functions seem necessary for your daily use.

It’s been a year since I first used the phone, and I am glad to be a proud owner of HP IPAQ rw6828!


Rolando said...

Very cool PDA. I love gadgets and have the iPaq 4700. It doesn't have a built in phone or camera, but it does synchronize with my Outlook for work.

These new models with internet and other fun stuff is great. Looking forward to an upgrade at some point.

NAFASG said...

Hi Rolando...

Thanks for your opinion on this phone. Wow u have iPaq 4700? Hmm...perhaps we can do a review on that phone too! =)

Yeah i agree. All these phones with multimedia functions and Internet are awesome, and convenient for us too! =)

Rolando said...

My brother has the new Pocket PC phone and it works great. The browser doesn't work with all sites and that is its drawback.

I want a phones does does it all. :) More memory, expandable, more CPU, etc.

NAFASG said...

We can do some searching for u on the latest phones that have everything u are looking for, and write reviews on them. See which one suits your taste! =)

For now u can continue to browse through more of our reviews that we had posted. We did reviews on Apple iPhone and BlackBerry. U can take a look at those! =)

Rolando said...

Thanks NAFASG! Appreciate the offer, but I'm not in the market for a new phone just yet.

I like the Apple iPhone. It's quick, robust, with a lot of cool features and a browser I like.

I'm sure the next generation will have more memory and hopefully lower prices.

NAFASG said...

No prob Rolando!

It's ok to take some time abt whether u want a new phone or not. Phones need to be chosen wisely after all. But we will continue to post up more reviews on the latest phones and gadgets for all our readers yeah? =)

Oh yes the Apple iPhone is interesting too. Looks more compact, and very user-friendly as well. It would make a good buy for all!

We agree with u on more memory and lower prices for the upcoming phones. We would also want to own such phones in future! =)

Rolando said...

I'll definitely be coming to your site for any reviews of gadgets I may be interested in to get your feedback.

NAFASG said...

Thanks Rolando! We're happy to hear that from u. =)