Pregnancy: Tips To Endure It.

Pregnancy is a woman’s road to another totally different phase of life. Motherhood! It is by far the greatest moment of a woman’s life, but it is also, without question, the most painful.

If you look around, majority of the women population are able to pull through pregnancy. Nevertheless, just because they could get over pregnancy, it does not signify that their pregnancy was a breeze.

They had to endure a series of aches and complications just like other women. The only difference is that this group of women acquired the ability to at least reduce the complications. All you female readers out there, you can too!

Here are some of the ways for pregnant females to ease pregnancy pains and strains:

Body aches are cliché in pregnancy, due to the widening of your uterus where your baby develops. But there is always a way to lessen the pain. How?

1. Try lying down on a comfortable bed.

2. Get more rest and do not exert yourself too often.

3. Apply some heat on the painful area by using a hot water bag.

You will also experience a hormonal transformation in your breasts. Your breasts will grow bigger and a little uncomfortable because of the presence of milk in it. You may even experience a leakage of colostrum, a yellowish thick liquid that represents the first milk produced by your breasts. Still, it can be thwarting isn’t it? So…

1. Place a nursing pad in your bra to prevent further leakage of the fluid.

The other drawback of pregnancy is dizziness or faint spells. It can lead to nausea and vomiting. This is owing to the body’s growing need for food, and the continuous expansion of the uterus, which can add pressure to the blood vessels. So what do you do?

2. Stand up gradually

3. Turn to your left when lying down

4. Refrain from sitting or standing all day on one place and move about a little

5. Consume healthy snacks or meals in small quantity

6. Avoid getting agitated.

Ladies, beware of this. Constipation! This can transpire as your uterus continues to expand, thus slowing down your digestion. Here are some suggestions for you!

1. Eat food rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables, cereals and bread.

2. Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day.

3. Carry out some minor exercises to reduce constipation.

And of course, who would not have trouble sleeping right? This is possible because of the abnormality of sleep that you will face, after frequent visits to the bathroom, the movements that the baby makes inside, and the rise in the metabolism rate. So try doing this!

1. Get eight to ten hours of sleep daily, and do take forty wings during the daytime if you feel a little exhausted. Do not sleep too long though, or it will aggravate your tiredness!

2. Do not stress yourself too much. Find ways to ease your mind.

3. Refrain from eating too much a few hours before you go to bed.

4. Do some gentle exercises to keep you a little bit more active.

Yes, pregnancy is a rough patch in a woman’s life. But I believe every woman who experiences it will take pleasure in this moment, as long as she stays strong in enduring it and ponder on the positive outcome of this whole process.

What is that outcome? Welcoming the newborn into the world of course!

So to the ladies, who are carrying a little someone in the tummy, be strong and have faith in the pregnancy.

Because your faith in it is the golden key to a successful delivery and a wonderful motherhood life ahead for you!


J@n!ce said...

Ought to be a lady nafa who wrote this bah? :)
Reading this post reminds me of my prenancy. I should say it is a wonderful process. I could eat whatever I like & not scare of getting fat which I am anyway going to be fat.... LOL

You get pampered & everyone will give in to you bcos of the little life. In the train, everyone rush to give up their seats for me. I get to line up first at the cashier. back are the days. Now, they will still give up their seats BUT NOT for me. For my 2 young boys... LOL

Thanks for the wonderful post :)

NafaSg said...

Hi Janice,

Haha! So pregnancy life seems so hip and happening for u huh? Good for u! =)

Thanks for your comments!

Bola said...

Love this article,great post by a group of men.Remember that I'm an avid fan of yours.Keep posting more of this.


Hello Bola!

Thanks for your comments on this article. Glad u like it! Will look into more of these kinds of posts in future ok? And thanks for being our avid fan. We truly appreciate it. We are your avid fans too. =)