Improve Your Child’s Eating Habits

Just when you think the pregnancy encumber has ended, the aftermath is just about to begin. Obviously it is a miracle to bring life into the world. Bringing life here is one thing…but taking care of the life…is another…

During the infant stage, children would not abide by the correct eating habits. They would make a big fuss over the food that we feed them. Particularly, they are not fond of food that can provide them with the nutrition they require.

Well…maybe because healthy food are normally not as tasty. Even adults can see that in healthy food sometimes. Still, they need all that nutrition to grow and stay healthy. So parents, how could this issue be tackled?

Come and let us explore the possible ways to make these kids be receptive of healthy food:

1. The healthy food served on the table should come in various versions. Allow them to choose from a selection of food, rather than restricting them to eating one or a few kinds of food. Even though they may eat a small amount, at least they are absorbing the essential nutrition for their body. That absorption would increase if you use this same approach to feed them daily.

2. Feed them a new kind of food. Do not serve them the common dishes that they have seen so many times because that would irk them up. Try to introduce new and nutritious dishes to stir up their appetite.

3. Hide the nutritious food that they do not like. For instance, you can hide vegetables and meat between two burger buns. To them, it looks like a mouth-watering hamburger, but in actual fact, it is yet another nutritious food that contains the vegetables and meat they usually are not in favor of.

4. Make the food look more appetizing by serving it in such a way that it attracts the child’s attention. You can serve fruits inside a plate by decorating them in a form of a clown face! Your child’s eyes would pop out, making him or her desire to savor the fruits.

Hope the piece of information would assist you in handling your children’s eating habits in a more effectual way. So starting from today, treat your child to an eye-catching nutritious meal that he or she would ask for more!


Anonymous said...

Hamburgers! The cornerstone of any nutritious breakfast!~
Jules Winnfield quote from the movie Pulp fiction

NAFASG said...

Very creative comment indeed! ;p