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Mega Meeting has undoubtedly brought video conferencing to a whole new level. Does it ever occur to anyone on how setting up a video conferencing software can tangle the brain? That will not happen when setting up the Mega Meeting web and video conferencing software.

Previously, to kick start video conferencing, one would require Internet meeting software that can be so costly. That is not the case for Mega Meeting because it is 100% browser based. In other words, no installation or special software is necessary for the set up. All you need is a Broadband connection and a browser, and users are all set to connect to the acquaintances! Mega Meeting is the leading video conferencing software in the industry, which can allow up to 16 persons to connect at the same time.

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Mega Meeting - Video Web Conferencing For All Of Us.

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Features of this incredible software include flexible web conferencing software, video chat server and webinar software, which allows instant messaging, voice communication and seeing each other via Internet. It is definitely an enhanced video conferencing experience for everyone! In addition, the package also includes free integrated telephone conferencing and free VoIP via the Internet, so users can enjoy unlimited use of Mega Meeting.

Best of all, it is secure! Users can be ensured security, using conferencing via RMTP, so that video conferencing can be worry –free for all. Mega Meeting is affordable for everyone. The system of payment is on monthly basis. In other words, users are not bound to long-term contracts, and customer support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After all, since it allows for 16 people to be connected at the same time, it would help to save up all the cost incurred to travel for just a meeting.

Mega Meeting offers four different versions that will accommodate the individuals, small businesses, large corporations, me and any company that wishes to use the ‘private branding version’. Mega Meeting is suited for everybody, and it is the revolutionary video conferencing software nobody would want to miss out on. It provides convenience and makes users want to stay glued to their meetings.

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