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This is an entry to John Lampard's blog ( in conjunction with the ‘$100 For 100 Words Contest’, which will be made available till 31st July 2007.
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About John Lampard

A former web designer turned content producer and blogger based in Randwick, Sydney. An author of the professional informative blog, which is running back in 1997 till up to date. In his own time, John is a private investigator, writer and a designer.

His wonderful creative creations designed websites are listed below click on the screen shot image to visit them;

History Facts was bought by John Lampard back in the late 90's . The formerly domain name of was Back then, he liked the domain name but unfortunately, the major reason to change from to is due to the Australian tax laws. Another main cause is to avoid the regular reporting to the tax office of all income earned by the said business which will increase John 's expenses, the blog's maintenace, hosting, etc.

Posted Materials

Ranging from reviews on music, movies and design, to current affairs and the latest in information technology, Beautiful-high resolution pictures with scenaries of Sydney captured.

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Our Last Words

It is an honor writing and reviewing John's blog, and would love to share it with all my readers. Such professional, informative blog that is made available to everyone.

As I was browsing through the website, I happened to stumble upon the ‘About’ section. That was where I began to learn more about how the website came about. I was amazed by how far the website has come, and how the Webmaster, John Lampard, had managed to turn a simple blog into a worldwide phenomenon.

Best of all, it provides a diversity of articles that everyone can be informed and comment on. Ranging from reviews on music, movies and design, to current affairs and the latest in information technology, nobody should give this website a miss!

The photos are awesome too. They provide the world an insight about how Sydney is like. They also make us realise that Sydney may be a metropolitan city but still preserves the beauty of nature.I am certainly looking forward to more of informative and interesting articles from

Keep up the spirit of bringing the alive.

Thank you for sharing all the wonderful informations & pictures, John.

Warmest Regards,

The NafaSG Team.

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