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Based on the research I have gathered, Advertlets seems to be uniquely user-friendly to bloggers and advertisers, as compared to other online blog advertising programmes.

1. Advertlets provide sufficient assistance to bloggers in terms of getting to know who the visitors of the blogs are. It provides information on the visitors’ demographics such as the countries of residence and the age range of the majority of the visitors by means of a demographics poll.

2. In doing so, it also administers the types of advertisements displayed by taking into fullest consideration the profiles of majority of the visitors. For instance, they would not display women products if majority of the visitors were males. In this way, bloggers would feel a sense of security in terms of the suitability of the ads displayed, and be more confident that the visitors would show keen interest in the ads.

3. Advertlets has also offered to assist in recommending effective ways to display the ads such that visitors would be attracted to view them

4. And as a bonus, by using Advertlets as the blogging avenue, we get paid. All these will bring benefits to the bloggers, advertisers and even the visitors who will find blogging a worthwhile experience.

A Screen Shot Of Advertlets

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Advertlets can make all these come alive.

As a blogger, I want to make sure that blogging can be enjoyable and yet secure. The clicking of ads by visitors play a major role in the advertisers’ trust in me displaying their ads in my blog. Therefore, I do hope that Advertlets can also assist in ensuring security from invalid ad clicks, which can affect me as the blogger. I believe in your service orientation and have faith that you will help look into matters like this should they ever arise.

Thank you and looking forward to more of your friendly services.

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