A Good Leader Is Not Born, But Is Made

Today I was reminiscing something and thought that I should pen my thoughts here. I was recollecting my years in school when I had to take up a leadership role in a community service group.

I was involved in the Mentoring and Tutoring group ever since my very first year in college. I expected it to be a second-rate experience for me, but little did I know I was going to land myself into the management committee of the club.

The eventful point of time took place during my second year. I was apparently selected to be the Honorary Secretary, based on the voting from the other members of the club.

Wow! That was an absolutely eminent position in the committee. I was facing mixed emotions upon hearing the news. As much as I was ecstatic about being appointed as the secretary, I was a little skeptical about my capabilities.

But what drove me to giving my all to this temporary commitment was that there was so much I could explore about being one of the leaders in the club.
A member of a club or group needs to be 100% dyed-in-the-wool towards his or her duties, but a leader of the club or group needs to be doubly committed.

Throughout my reign as a secretary, I had accomplished my self-research and analyzed my fellow friends who were in the same boat as me, and I managed to figure out what it really took to be an effective leader that others can look up to in admiration.

Here are my personal thoughts and I would like to share them with you, especially you who are also taking up a leadership role like I did before...

1. Take initiatives. The others around you are usually relying on you to lead the way in any matter associated with the group. So you should put on your thinking cap and show them the direction you feel is beneficial for you and for everyone.

2. Take the lead, but do not dominate. A good leader is someone who is receptive of others’ feedback and opinions. He or she should not be the egghead of the club who only is in favor of his or her own suggestions. In fact, more brains are better than one! That is why a few people are involved in the committee instead of just one person.

3. Leaders do make mistakes, but do not let those mistakes pull you down to the ground. Take them as stepping-stones for you to generate better ideas, and be a better leader in future.

4. Do not be a quitter! Quitters never prosper. Giving up halfway through implies that you have chickened out from your duties. You would not want to be labeled a ‘chicken’ would you? So prove to yourself and others that you can pluck up your courage and take up the challenge, come what may.

5. Most importantly, be a role model. Monkey see, monkey do. The way you render yourself will reflect on the way your members will perform and whether the group is going towards the right path. Show your utmost dedication to the group and your committee, and others will emulate you, and the club or group will prosper under your control.

My friends, when you are given the opportunity to hone your leadership skills, give it your best shot. You are not born to be a leader, but you are entitled to be one. All you need to do is believe in yourself and make others believe in you too.

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