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Recently, The NAFASG team received a cheque worth RM134.50. We were given a task from them, which was to write a review on their services. A couple of days after our submission of the review, the organization gave us a favourable reply, stating that our review was approved and that we would be credited a sum of money. Below is the cheque received by us.

The services provided by Advertlets are beyond compare. Advertlets has become one of Asia’s top blogging and advertising network in the recent years.It has brought blogging and advertising to a whole new level. The primary service that they provide to bloggers and advertisers is that they would track the demographics of the visitors who are frequently visiting the blogs. From there, they would recommend to bloggers to place those advertisements that are meant to target the frequent worldwide visitors.

This would bring benefits for the bloggers who had placed the advertisments in their sites, and the advertisers who had come up with those advertisements. So in conclusion, Advertlets is a reliable source and the right avenue for bloggers and advertisers to make their earnings and create brand awareness to the targeted audience respectively .

The NAFASG team is very grateful to the services provided by Advertlets and will continue to give our support and work together with them towards an unforgettable blogging and advertising experience.

Here is a shot of the Advertlets badges and stickers as a symbol of our pride in being part of the Advertlets' network.

Picture Of Advertlets Badge On HP Pavillion NoteBook

A Slide Show Featuring Advertlets Stickers And Badges On HP Pavillion NoteBook

"Advertlets is definitely the place where all bloggers and advertisers can count on for success."


Jean Chia said...

good job, nafa!
i still havent got my pay yet. :( it is still below RM100.

Mariuca said...

NAFA!! Congrats guys, your hard work paid off! It's so inspiring to see someone making RM of Advertlets! ;)

Jean, me too la... still not there yet! ;)

NafaSg said...

Hi Jean and Marzie!

Thanks for taking time to read this post of ours. Yeah Nafa and gang are so proud to receive this cheque from Advertlets. U guys will get yours too! Trust us! =)

joezul said...

Hey Guys, Just came over from the advertlet site.

Congratulation for winning the RM 50 badge n sticker contest.

Keep up the great work... :)


Thanks Joezul! =)

iCalvyn said...

i still short 10++ to achieve RM100...well, glad and happy to see people receiving cheque...hope mine will come soon


Hi icalvyn...

Yup we're certainly happy to have received this cheque. And we believe u will get yours too. Be patient ok? Good things come to people who wait! =)