A Good Boss Won't Suffer Any Loss

The key to a successful company is the dedication and commitment of the staff, and someone has to be the source of motivation for them to do so. That person...is the boss! He or she is by far the most essential person in the organization.

He or she is what makes the organization the way it is. And most of all, he or she is the role model that everyone working in that organization should emulate.

However, should this person fail to comply to his or her duties while taking up the role, it can lead to an ultimate downfall of the organization and the staff, and probably a large percentage of staff turnover!

Bosses, you would not be in favour of these would you? So therefore, you ought to remind yourselves to be a REALLY good one! But do not crack your brains too much. I understand all the 'thinking' that all of you bosses have been undergoing, which is why I am here to inform you of these key tips on being an effective boss who can mould his or her staff into productive workers and make a positive impact on the company status. Hopefully they will help you out yeah?!

1. Delegate the tasks well. Teach your staff how to carry out the tasks. You must learn to trust your staffs in letting them carry out the tasks assigned.

2. Get to know you employees' strengths and weaknesses. You are to give them an abundance of opportunities to bring their strengths to a higher level, and advise them on how to resolve their weaknesses. This can contribute to their productivity in the workplace and lessen your burden on having to constantly supervise them.

3. Guide them to take intiatives. After understanding their job scope and the tasks assigned, do not spoonfeed them too much. 'Let go' of them and mould them to be more independent. Also, encourage them to make decisions on their own.

4. Share your goals and expectations with your staff so that they will work and perform to your expectations.

5. Show how much you appreciate your staff's hard work and dedication to the job and the company. You may do so by organizing yearly gatherings or reward them.

Read this! They are pieces of useful information just for all you bosses.

Here's wishing you success in upholding the good name of your company!


wedding planner said...

very helpful and practical tips. These are also some of the things we learn through experience and were mentioned numerous times in various training I attended. I believe the five items you mentioned is the key to a successful team. on the contrary, I don't think it's the manager as the most important person in the organization but rather it is the staff. in the company i worked with, managers come and go and the strength lies from the people they lead.

NafaSg said...

Hi wedding planner...

Thanks for your constructive comments. I am glad that I can learn a little something from you as well. That's the whole idea of having this blog isn't it? To learn from each other! =)