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Make Sirius Your Choice - The Free Commercial Satellite Radio!

Ever heard of satellite radio? Yes, yet another of the latest innovations in radio technology. It is the first ever radio that gives you the opportunity to listen to anything you want, wherever you go and whatever you do. You will get to listen to everything you wish to hear like news, sports updates, variety shows or comedies, and of course, music.

To top it off, it is completely commercial-free! And best of all, there is one satellite radio programme you can always count on for the top-notch radio entertainment. Sirius is the name!

In Sirius, you will stand a chance to listen to over 80 channels filled with all your favourite new and old songs, played by the famous DJs around, and it is 100% free from those disruptive commercials. You will also be able to enjoy celebrity interviews and live performances that will blow your away!

A Screenshot Of Sirius

In Sirius, there are another 130 channels offered as well, for those listeners and huge fans of the million-dollar talkshows from huge talkshow acts, as well as the most talked-about comedies played by the legendary comedians of all time.

To add on, you can also keep yourself updated with the latest news coverage and traffic and weather, provided to you by the very well known newscasters in the news broadcasting industry.

Sirius is also the place for all the juicy news in the biggest sporting events like NBA and NFL. So much to look forward to when you stay tuned with Sirius! You can listen to it anywhere and anytime, like in your vehicle, on the Internet, and of course, in the comfort of your own home.

Try the Sirius Internet Radio!

You can sit back, relax and let the 100% commercial-free music wash over you. Plus, get the latest in news, sports and variety shows you would not want to miss. No radio is necessary when using this revolutionary Internet radio. And it is affordable for everyone!

Sirius brings radio tuning to a whole new level, and is highly trusted by millions. You can be part of those millions of people! Make Sirius your most entertaining friend today. =)

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Ned Hughes said...

Yeah, I'd rather get my radio for free than pay for it after all this "Sirius patriot" stuff.

Rozmin said...

I got Sirius radio and yes they are commercial free, Love it. Thanks for the info.

NafaSg said...

Hi Ned & Rozmin,

Thanks a lot for your comments. Glad to be the source of information for you guys. More info will be coming your way so come check out our website ok?

Have a good day! =)