Free Electrifying Digital Music Experience

Want to turn up the volume? Create a blast in your room with all your favourite tunes?

Then you should not miss out on FXSound, where the digital music experience comes to life!
FXSound offers two types of digital music software that you can choose from and download. FREE downloading is available for both audio enhancers.

DFX 8.3 Audio Enhancer
The DFX 8.3 Audio Enhancer is the ultimate online sound machine for Internet radio, Windows Media Player, and many other music files. What makes it the enhancer that provides extra sound precision and beat to all your favourite songs?
It is equipped with the 3D surround sound that plunges you into the tune, the energetic gain boosting that turns up the volume, and the stereo setting that refurbish the stereo intensity that can be lost when the music is turned on.

Headphones are also available in the package for easy listening, and modifiable music presets that allow you to select the suitable tuning for the kind of music you want to pin your ears back to.

Want some rhythm?

The Hyperbass creates deeper, more heart pounding bass that can make you jump off your bed! Want to avoid all those unnecessary muffling while tuning in to your favourite music? Not to worry, because this enhancer has a trustworthy restoration stored in it to protect those muffling sounds from disrupting your peacefulness while listening to your songs. Additions to this electrifying package is the Spectrum Analyzer that allows you to see the DFX improve your sound, and a selection of skins that will add colour to your easy listening.

A Screenshot Of DFX

You can choose to download the free trial or purchase the DFX Plus online, within the sale period of five days.
MP3 Remix 3.2
Do you wish to give some attitude to your MP3 songs or songs from your CD? ‘Remix’ them with the MP3 Remix 3.2.

The features of MP3 Remix 3.2 are spectacular. One of them is the Beat Detection Processor that will spot the beat of the songs to produce a synchrony of beats for an amazing remix yet. It is also equipped with the Automatic Sound Remixing that can mix a total of 320 different sounds, including instruments, beats and vocals in chorus and on the exact song rhythms. You can even record your personalized remix of tunes using the Remix Recorder, and even add on to your list of remix sounds and change the pace of your songs. Remix Loops and Sounds are also made available in this awesome package to help you create the music and mixing styles you long to have. Want to show your remixing skills to your fellow friends?

Be part of the Remix Community, part of the package where you can share your state-of-the-art remixes or download remixes from anybody in the community. With MP3 Remix 3.2, remixing is easier that you can ever imagine, and you will definitely enjoy remixing to the fullest!

You can choose to download the FREE trial or purchase the MP3 Remix Plus online, within the sale period of five days.

So if you are craving for an unforgettable digital music experience, then get off your bed and start clicking on the ‘download’ button right now!

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