Boost Your Income With Chitika

Advertisers, want to boost your sales revenue? Publishers, wish that you would get a share for publishing the ads? Of course you can, with the help of Chitika, the avenue for profit making through online advertisements.

Chitika is a great companion that can lend a hand to advertisers, in terms of enhancing the brand awareness and increasing online sales proceeds by means of high-flying websites and blogs, which are linked to the Chitika network.

Chitika practices pay-for-performance system for advertisers, whereas publishers, which are the websites and blogs, will be paid based on impressions, number of valid clicks made and the sales income and a low minimum payout of only $10 (for PayPal) and $50 (for check where PayPal is not available)

Take a look at the Chitika eMiniMalls and you will find that Chitika is absolutely effective in boosting sales. How is that possible? It actually displays every single detail that visitors need to know about the advertised products. It also allows visitors to search for the best deals in town for the items they are looking for or intend to purchase.

For every product, full descriptions will be provided, and the various advertising retailers or online shops that offer such product will be reflected so that visitors can contrast the difference in the pricing and decide which is best for them.

Check out the eMiniMalls forum where advertisers and publishers can post queries on how to attract visitors to buy the products and how publishers can attract them to click on the ads

A Short Video Of Chitika

Chitika has been the reliable source for over a billion advertisers and publishers. With such a large pool of advertisers and publishers utilizing their services, you can guarantee that Chitika is the place for you to make your earnings easily and effectively!

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